[Video] Zig Ziglar Tribute # 8 – Secret To A Successful Marriage – Part 1


Zig Ziglar talks to Keith Rosen about how he met his wife and how they remained so close over decades of a blissfully wonderful marriage. A.B.C. – Always Be Courting!


The day Zig and I spent the day together, we talked about everything, including family and marriage. In this previously unreleased interview, he then continued to share the following story with me.

It was September 15, 1944 at 9:08pm in Jackson Mississippi. That was the day I  saw my wife. She was bright and so attractive. She was the only girl I ever courted and the only girl I ever loved.

I’ll never forget that day; the day I asked him one time. I asked my son I asked (who was sitting in the studio ), “Son,  if someone was to ask you what you like best about your dad, what would you say?”

Without hesitation he said, “The thing I like best about my dad is that he loves my mom.”

I had no way of knowing it but that very week, one of his closest friend’s parents filed for divorce. And my son knew he would never be faced with that.

What a gift you give your kids as well. I start every day telling my wife how beautiful she is and how much I love her.

If we can convince husbands to ALWAYS be courting their wives after they get them, they’ll  do everything to get them! Then sometimes they forget and stop and take their wives for granted. They forget the effort and feelings they had and all the things that made the relationship successful in the first place.

A relationship that beautiful cannot continue without effort.

I then asked, “Zig, with all of the incredible things you’ve achieved in your life, having traveled around the word, sharing the stage with many past presidents, what do you want to be known for most and what is the important legacy you want to leave behind?” Zig’s response:

I would prefer people remember me as a straight arrow. As someone who always tells truth and loves his family and God.

It was a privilege and honor to spend a day with Zig Ziglar, one one one, in 2009 at his corporate office in Dallas. We did this series of interviews, which never aired. In honor of Zig Ziglar, I’m dedicating these videos in his memory. We are forever grateful for Zig’s wisdom and the gifts he has given to all of us over the years. His words and inspiration will continue to impact us today and for many generations to come.