[Video] Zig Ziglar Tribute # 4 – Truth Leads to Success in Selling


Zig Ziglar talks to Keith Rosen about how authenticity rules and of the importance of making it clear who you are in a truthful manner and not just what you do.

Zig explains the role truth plays around your reputation and success in your career, along with the risks of exaggerating details in even minor ways. Simply put; never exaggerate. Isn’t it safe to say that a synonym for exaggeration is lying? While we can always justify exaggerating the truth, even a little or we can convince ourselves that it won’t do any harm, exaggerating the truth has the potential to destroy your reputation and your career if you’re not exceedingly careful about honoring the objective definition of honesty and truth. That’s how you will be known. After all, people won’t always remember the product or service or deal you offered them. But they will always remember how you made them feel.

While we all know Zig had strong religious beliefs, it’s interesting how he mentioned that spirituality does play a role in sales. However, not in the sense of preaching your beliefs or practicing a different religion but spirituality in the sense of connectedness. That is, how connected are you to your friends, family and clients.  The most successful people and salespeople recognize the importance or respecting regional, religious and cultural differences. Respect then leads to trust.

Zig mentioned he hasn’t solicited a speaking engagement for years and I feel fortunate to be able to say the same. Why? Because like Zig, you always need to make it clear who you are not just what you can do. People love the truth. Truth, authenticity and being who you are; at home and at work leads to happiness. If you find yourself being a different person at your home and at your office, then can you really say you’re being truthful, not only to others but to yourself?

Truth is the surest path to happiness. After all, if you’re 100% truthful, authentic and embrace your humanity, vulnerability and fears, then you become unstoppable.

Remember, who you are is always more important than what you do.

It was a privilege and honor to spend a day with Zig Ziglar, one one one, in 2009 at his corporate office in Dallas. We did this series of interviews, which never aired. In honor of Zig Ziglar, I’m dedicating these videos in his memory. We are forever grateful for Zig’s wisdom and the gifts he has given to all of us over the years. His words and inspiration will continue to impact us today and for many generations to come.