[Video] Zig Ziglar Tribute # 2 – True Sales Champions


Zig Ziglar talks to Keith Rosen about the cornerstone of  professional selling and challenging the status quo. Zig shares what it takes to thrive as a salesperson in an ever-changing economy.

The economy will always be changing but there are certain essential, timeless characteristics that salespeople need to emulate consistently, regardless of the times, your industry or the marketplace. Trust and your reputation are the most important factors that contribute to a successful career, which is often based upon how fully transparent and authentic you are. The best salespeople realize how essential it is to be authentic and to honor their individuality, rather than trying to be someone they are not.

Integrity always comes first; and that doesn’t mean you’re just talking about how important integrity is but you’re truly living it in your actions, conviction, conversations, decisions and behavior; especially during more challenging times when the essence of your character is truly put to the test.

It is said that the real definition of integrity is always doing the right thing, even though no one may be watching. Zig is a true testament of integrity and an example for all of us of what it means to live a life of integrity. In this interview, Zig speaks about these topics, including how critical it is to be your authentic self, to tell the truth all of the time and the importance of having a great teacher, role model and coach in your corner.

It was a privilege and honor to spend a day with Zig Ziglar, one one one, in 2009 at his corporate office in Dallas. We did this series of interviews, which never aired. In honor of Zig Ziglar, I’m dedicating these videos in his memory. We are forever grateful for Zig’s wisdom and the gifts he has given to all of us over the years. His words and inspiration will continue to impact us today and for many generations to come.