[Video] Special Tribute to Zig Ziglar # 1


Zig Ziglar talks to Keith Rosen about accountability, parenting and raising children to be contributing and responsible members of society and how it all starts in the home.

Zig Ziglar is a model for humanity. Sales trainer, motivational speaker and author are just some of his titles. Yet, if you could ask him, Zig would tell you that his most important title is to be a positive role model for his family.

In this previously unreleased interview, Zig and I talk about what it takes to raise children in a happy home and instill good values in our children so they can grow up to become contributing adults in our society.

And it all starts with mom and dad and what they model for their children. Zig believes what your children see at home, they emulate as adults.

The way that mom and dad speak to each other and treat each other in front of their children sends either a positive or negative message to their children, which will ultimately determine the type of people they grow up to be, in their community, in their relationships and in school.

Zig talks about what he refers to as the “home court advantage.” That is, what happens at home impacts your children the most.  Parents must make their children their #1 priority and live it through their actions every single day. Every interaction and conversation counts, since your children will learn from what they observe, and what they observe is what they, themselves will portray, for it will shape them into the type of responsible and accountable human being they will become.

Finally, Zig talks about his wife, the love of his life and after being married for over 60 years, how very much in love he was with her until his passing day.

How often do you tell your children, your spouse, family or significant other how much you love them and what they mean to you? It’s a message that never gets old and one you never get tired of hearing. Ultimately, our behavior and our communication is the message we send to our children that creates their reality and outlook around life.

It was a privilege and honor to spend a day with Zig Ziglar, one on one, in 2009 at his corporate office in Dallas. We did this series of interviews, which never aired. In honor of Zig Ziglar, I’m dedicating these videos in his memory. We are forever grateful for Zig’s wisdom and the gifts he has given to all of us over the years. His words and inspiration will continue to impact us today and for many generations to come.