Just Released: Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions a HIT in Asia!

Below is the press release that the event organizer just sent out. This was the group who invited me to Asia to deliver my management coach training program in Singapore and Malaysia. It was an incredible experience personally to travel to this part of the world and meet so many great managers who are truly committed to their growth as a leader by becoming more powerful and effective coaches. I’m deeply appreciative of the opportunity to make the impact I did through my program. While there always exists certain cultural nuances in every part of the world (both in company as well as in geographic location), what follows is more evidence to reinforce that coaching truly is a universal language. Here’s the release:

(2011-04-19) Kexxel Group: Keith Rosen Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions a HIT in Asia!

It was yet another fantastic event by Kexxel Group, this time featuring Keith Rosen master of Sales & Sales leadership. The coaching session which involved 42 delegates was held on the 4th and 5th of April 2011, at the Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and 21 delegates on the 7th & 8th of April at the Hilton Hotel, Singapore.

The coaching program was facilitated based on one of Keith’s internationally acclaimed books, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions. The Masterclass training program, which was attended by top sales managers, VP’s and personals from various top organizations, was facilitated exclusively by the award winning columnist & speaker, Keith Rosen. Here’s what one delegate had to say about this event.

Keith is a competent trainer who knows the subject very well. The training was filled with good examples and good lessons.
Steven Wong, National Sales Manager – Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD)

Keith’s book was the winner of the 2008 Sales Leadership Book of the Year, the World’s Best Business Books of 2009, and the Top 10 books to read in 2010.

The two day coaching program was said to be fun and energetic. You could almost feel the energy in the room from the participant’s interaction with each other and with the facilitator himself.

Through group discussions and presentations, the coaching session felt lively, and the participants claimed they did not feel it was a jam packed session, instead it was well spaced out.

The trainer really engaged the audience. He has lots of energy. I learned the methods of interpreting peoples’ thoughts. Kexxel Group ran the event very well!
Mike Cornock – Sales Manager, Oracle Corporation, Australia

One of the methods used by Keith during this program involved role playing via timely and relevant skill practice scenarios. This method enabled the participants to share and tackle their day to day sales challenges and also receive feedback and coaching from the “Sales Guru” himself. As it was a very interactive batch, the participants were able to vent out their thoughts and frustrations related to the topic, and advise each other on different methods on how to face and overcome their daily sales challenges heads on.

Keith is fabulous. He is a very inspiring trainer and has really mastered the topic. He makes me feel how powerful coaching is to increase the performance of my team without making me feel like the super leader who could easily resolve problems from my direct reports.
Elina Wirjakusuma, Head of Sales & Distribution – PT Bank DBS Indonesia

Keith also shared his own personal experiences with the delegates, together with a whole load of tips based on his award winning book.

Here are what some of the other delegates had to say after the training program:

The trainer provided the insights of coaching and leadership which was very relevant in giving the edge to stay competitive. Kexxel Group, thank you for organizing this event and bringing in a renowned speaker.
Ruzi Rani Ajith, Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales – CIMB Investment Bank

Keith is a great presenter and facilitator. He provides not only the tool for coaching but he makes it very real and relevant. The content of the event are not only excellent in concept but are practical and realistic; hence we can immediately see how we can bring it into the workplace.
Adam Thng Woi Yong, Sales Training Manager – GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical

I have to say that I was really impressed with the course; the presentation is really engaging. I liked how it was very interactive. I liked that we had to do actual cases because when you have to practice, that’s when you better understand how to actually use the materials and approaches and it wasn’t just a lecture. And also, I felt that it was relevant to all levels of management as well as other industries.
Odette Schweitzer – Business Unit Manager (Key Account management), Novartis, Singapore

In my profession now, I am leading my teams and it will help me so much because I learned the effectiveness of coaching to pass to the sales team as well as the sales manager – It will definitely be very effective and the team will be very motivated. Also, this will be a method to retain our top performing employees. I feel that this is a very good combination and to those who have yet to attend this training, I suggest you attend it as it is a good opportunity for us to understand the way of coaching our sales team effectively.
Cahyo Mulyono Sugiarto – Country Business Manager, PT Henkel, Indonesia

For the full list of testimonials and pictures on the events, view my next blog post here.