GlaxoSmithKline, Oracle, Merck, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Henkel, B. Braun and Dozens of Other Global Organizations Agree – Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions Provides The Transformational Framework Leaders Need To Become Powerful Coaches

In my prior post which you can find here, I shared with you the review of my management coach training program that I delivered in Asia. Here, you’ll find the detailed opinions and testimonials of many of the delegates who participated in these two events hosted in Malaysia and Singapore. (Click on the picture above to view the larger picture of this group. You can find me in the first row, middle.) While it reads like a ‘who’s who’ when it comes to large international companies and the titles of these delegates, what’s more important is the collective opinion and synergy, which is this; coaching is the essential and missing discipline amongst management today which is the single most important skill managers and executives need to develop in order to retain top performers, increase sales, expedite their sales cycle, enhance relationships, create buy in around change and develop their people to realize their fullest potential.

Gaurav Hazra – Head of Sales, Oracle (India)
The trainer was amazing. He is the best in sales. I found the assumptions and the isolating very beneficial.

Yong Chung Shin – Product Manager, Ummi Surgical

Darren Kong – Sales Manager, Merck Sharp & Dohme
Keith was full of energy and precise tactics to effective coaching.

Adam Thng Woi Yong – Sales Training Manger, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical
Keith is a great presenter and facilitator. He provides not only the tool for coaching but he makes it very real and relevant. The content of the event is not only excellent in concept but are practical and realistic; hence we can immediately see how we can bring it into the workplace.

Micheal Tan Kim keong – Chief Relations Officer, B. Braun Medical Supplies
In these two days of training, I managed to take away from Keith the true essence of coaching; what coaching is really about and the value of coaching in the corporate sector. It definitely helps me in my profession because I’ve acquired new skills in particular abut enrolment and also about not making assumptions. These are definitely the key aspects that I managed to take away and I will put it to use when I go back to work. I would strongly recommend it to other colleagues as well as internal and external friends of mine to attend this training; especially by Keith Rosen. Keith epitomizes the essence of coaching. Well Done!

Steven Wong – National Sales Manager, Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD)
Keith is a competent trainer who knows the subject very well. The training was filled with good examples and good lessons.

Ekvin Chia – Division Manager, Henkel (Malaysia)
Kexxel Group presented a great speaker. He inspired me to open up enormous possibilities in coaching!

Kelvin Hwang – National Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca
Keith definitely knows his stuff. He’s very passionate and practical and he delivered very practical tips.

Odette Schweitzer – Business Unit Manager (Key Account management), Novartis (Singapore)
The most important thing that I have learned during this course is how to be an effective coach. I’ve learned the coaching models; which was very valuable for me. What made this course unique was that it was more practical. And then it actually showed you how you should be doing this communication and we went through very real examples so that we can actually take those examples back and use them in our real lives. Since I’m managing a business unit at Novartis, I need to be able to lead my people and help support them. I think I can use these techniques and the approaches here in the session to be a more effective coach, and then you can start using them right away. I have to say that I was really impressed with the course; the presentation is really engaging. I liked how it was very interactive. I liked that we had to do actual cases because when you have to practice, that’s when you better understand how to actually use the materials and approaches and it wasn’t just a lecture. And also, I felt that it was relevant to all levels of management as well as other industries.

Kamini Sengalrayan – Sales Training Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical
Keith was a good facilitator. He shared his experiences and handles questions from the audiences very well. The flow of the content was good. I was able to learn and apply what I learned. The sharing from the audience was delightful as well.

Seo Tho Wee Siang – Sales Manger, Astra Zeneca
Keith delivered a clear presentation which was very easy to understand. He was able to provide related examples as a method of practice. The event was definitely related to my job scope.

Vincient Leong – Regional Sales Director, Biosensors International (Singapore)
Brilliant trainer and organizer. The interaction with everyone present was so good!

Rudy Lim – Sales Training & Development Manager, Henkel Group (Malaysia)
There are so many things that I have learned during this course. One thing in particular of course is the best practices of coaching. I guess coaching is about the focus key focus and development of people and one of the key aspects of what I received during these two days is about training myself. I am a professional trainer for my company, so some of the takeaways from this event have sharpened up my skills and have increased the leverage of my capacity as a trainer and coach as well. And of course to bring it forward to the very people that I am training. I would give this training a 100%! To those who have not attended, not only on the sales aspect, but mangers, administrators and all; the total package of those involved in coaching: I think this is a very good program to take. Congratulations Kexxel Group! I think the trainer gave all his passion in wanting us to learn and he is articulate; his stories, directions and explanations create a very good understanding for participants!

Corrinne Lim – Regional Sales Manager Asia Pacific, Biosensors International Group (Singapore)
The trainer is one of the most dedicated trainers that I’ve met and he really takes the time to address everyone’s questions.

Peggy Chan – Sales Manager, Biosensors International (Hong Kong)
Keith is such an experienced trainer. He answered all of our questions at ease!

Mike Cornock – Sales Manager, Oracle Corporation (Australia)
The trainer really engaged the audience. He has lots of energy. I learned the methods of interpreting peoples’ thoughts.

David Wei – General Manager Southeast Asia, Colourcon Asia Pacific (Singapore)
An excellent trainer and an equally excellent organizer!

Shirley Tan – Regional Sales Manager, Biosensors Interventional Technologies (Singapore)
Kexxel Group brought in an excellent speaker. He is very Knowledgeable. The coaching and the sharing of experiences were the highlight of this event.

Akvyn Toh – Assistant General Manager, Inter-ROll Bearings (Shanghai, China)
The trainer is very approachable and always encouraging. The event provided a different perspective to the same situation we face. I learned how to get people to think differently rather than the norm.

Cahyo Mulyono Sugiarto – Country Business Manager, PT Henkel (Indonesia)
I learned a very important thing by attending this event. This training showed us that it is a fact that many managers are doing the directive; like directive questions and also leading – asking the sales team to do everything. Many of them also assume when they are working. But through this training, we were brought to realization that we should not assume during work. It is better if we do the questioning and listening on what actually happened to get to the cause of a problem rather than making assumptions. In my profession now, I am leading my teams and it will help me so much because I learned the effectiveness of coaching to pass to the sales team as well as the sales manager – It will definitely be very effective and the team will be very motivated. Also, this will be a method to retain our top performing employees. I feel that this is a very good combination and to those who have yet to attend this training, I suggest you attend it as it is a good opportunity for us to understand the way of coaching our sales team effectively. I hope the very best for Keith.

Cheat Yuet Mun – National Sales Manager, Biosensor International Technologies
Keith Rosen gave clear ideas which were supported by real case scenarios. It was simple and not over cramped and I found the main strength of the event in the sharing of real case scenarios together with the role plays that were followed by the lecturers.

Colin Yap – Regional Sales Director, Biosensor International Technologies.
Keith is very knowledgeable, speaks very confidently, clearly and he’s also very friendly. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself during this training session. The event was very well organized by Kexxel Group. The topic provided was a good refresher especially on the area of managing people.

Kelvin See – Business Unit Manager, B. Braun Medical Supplies
Keith Rosen brought simplicity to the word coaching. I found the sharing of different insights into coaching and how it can be implemented structurally through the L.E.A.D.S. framework very beneficial. Kexxel Group – Good event planning!

Ebrahim Ong – Assistant Sales Manager, Medi-Life
The masterclass was a great event! Keith was direct and clear on the topic and handled the presentation with great precision!

Frederick Wong – Product Manager, Medi-Life
Keith Rosen- what an energetic and inspiring trainer! The content of the training was really good. Very good training!

Rajiv Matthews George – Chief Engagement officer, Harvest Global Resources
Keith Rosen is definitely a role model coach. By attending this event, I am now able to sharpen some of my coaching skills. I thank Kexxel Group whole heartedly for bringing Keith Rosen to Malaysia!

Sharon Francis Corporate Sales Assistant Manager, Royal Selangor Marketing
Keith did an excellent job in relating the key points to our daily tasks. It was certainly related to coaching. I am in a position to coach my direct reports on a daily basis. By attending this training, it has opened up my perception to be an effective and PRACTICAL coach. I liked what I saw and heart no complaints here!

Max Liow Yuh Foong – Senior Sales Manager, Scott & English
Keith delivered a good presentation; easy to understand.

Jennifer Foo – Area Sales Manager, Medi-Life
Keith was very innovative. He had loads of creativity. The training was very good.

Koh Anne Jee – Assistant Sales Manager, Ummi Surgical
Keith was really informative and motivating. I learned practical methods of coaching by attending this training.

Subbiah Maheson – Director of Sales & Marketing, Durrah Beach Resort/Dallah Hotels & Resorts (Saudi Arabia)
The presentation, materials, and course content were just excellent! The environment of the training, registration and event coordination was very good; handled very well

Calvin Tan – National Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca
Keith provided me with a different insight into what exactly is coaching all about.

Ruzi Rani Ajith- Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales (CIMB Investment Bank)
This training has given me a different perspective of leadership as it is integrated with coaching and I think it is very vital for being the new leader. The trainer provided the insights of coaching and leadership which was very relevant in giving the edge to stay competitive. I think that this is a training that leaders should not miss out because it would give them a very strong competitive edge against competitors. If they would want to be number one, they should have this kind of knowledge. Keith has given a different perspective about coaching and leading and it is very practical and relates to the current world. Kexxel Group, thank you for organizing this event and bringing in a renowned speaker. You have done a very good job by bringing world renowned speakers which is truly valuable to all of us here!

Shahril Hisyam – Assistant Sales Manger, Medi-Life
Keith Rosen was really a very good speaker and facilitator.

William Ch’ng – National Sales Manager, Astra Zeneca
Keith Rosen was very articulate in conducting the training. The event was nicely spaced out. There was a good control of participants.

Clinton Walker – Business Unit Manager, B. Braum Medical Supplies
Keith has the ability to engage the topic to suit our working experience. The way the topic was relayed was very interesting to understand.

Nancy Wong – Business Development Manager, B. Braun Medical Supplies
Keith’s session is practical and the advice given was excellent! He highlighted the fundamentals of being a leader, which is essential in life.

Siva Parthiban – Senior Sales Executive, Scott & English
Keith was well prepared and friendly. The event clearly met my expectation.

Lay Ah Peng – Sales Manager, Ummi Surgical
Keith Rosen was very motivating!

Johnnie Ang – Sales Manger, Scott & English
Keith Keeps the presentations exciting and funny. He grabs hold of our attention and keeps it!

Elina Wirjakusama – Head of Sales & Distribution, PT Bank DBS Indonesia
Keith is fabulous. He is a very inspiring trainer and has really mastered the topic. He makes me feel how powerful coaching is to increase the performance of my team without making me feel like the super leader who could easily resolve problems from my direct reports

Evelyn Tea – Sales Training Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical
Keith is energetic. His coaching questions have helped me in doing a more insightful job on coaching. He delivered a good presentation.

Stephanie Lee- Area Sales Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical
Keith encourages learning and puts emphasis on common mistakes to be eliminated hence ensuring participants maximized learning. There is ample of time allocated for interactions and case dissecting as well.

Abdulkarim Al-Fraih- Business Development Manager, Al-Jazirah Engineers & Consultants (Saudi Arabia)
I find Keith very good in delivering his message. The event was very interesting and I learned new management strategies.

Siew Etaine – Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, Merck Sharp & Dohme
Keith was able to engage with participants. There was good group work and time management.

Foo Chee Thong – Specialist Learning Officer, Harvest Global Resources
Keith is clearly a good presenter. His sharing is powerful and his coaching insights are deep and full of practicality. His strength also lies in the “involvement” methodology where participants actively participate in the session. The application of the L.E.A.D.S. model was very good. Good job!

Seno Wibowo – ADC Training Manger, PT Commonwealth Life Indonesia
I learned the transformation involved in from a coach to a leader. Becoming a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lead and direct but it means to listen and facilitate. Since I am a trainer, and one of the roles of a trainer is to give the coach training, I have to share the knowledge not only to the trainee but to the leader as well. So I would like to lead a similar program from being a trainee to coach. This training is not only good for leaders but it is also good for directors because we gain the same knowledge and skills even if we have a different perception.