Immediate Release: Keith Rosen Inducted Into the Top Sales Hall of Fame

Some say you are judged by the company you keep. That said, I thought it was worth mentioning a notable achievement, one I’m proud to be a part of. I’m humbled and deeply appreciative to be inducted in the 2010 Top Sales Hall of Fame next to some of the greatest legends in the world of professional selling and leadership. Below is the release that went out. To my clients and readers, thank YOU, for allowing me to contribute to your success. I am forever grateful.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Merrick, New York – March 09, 2011

Keith Rosen, founder of Profit Builders and award winning author, was included in the inaugural group of the Top Sales Hall of Fame in recognition for his outstanding contributions to professional selling and sales leadership.

Keith Rosen, a pioneer of executive sales coaching and founder of the global sales training and management coach training firm, Profit Builders, was inducted into the first-ever class of the Sales Hall of Fame.

The Sales Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions to Professional Selling and Sales Leadership. It was conceived and developed by Top Sales World, an international online community dedicated exclusively to the profession of sales and sales leadership.

The other legends in the field who were honored included Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Bill Brooks, Neil Rackham, Tony Alessandra, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, Lisa Richardson and Gerhard Gschwandtner.

“There’s an exciting cultural shift that’s occurring on a global scale within organizations today worldwide,” states Keith. “As someone with great visibility into these companies, there comes a great personal responsibility as a coach, trainer and subject matter expert to continually over-respond to today’s rapid changes in our marketplace and align them with the needs of sales professionals and management in a way that delivers measurable value and worthwhile results. These changes not only affect how we interact with our customers but more important, how management today communicates and engages with their team. Managers need to evolve in order to effectively recognize, continually develop and retain their top talent. This can only occur when managers become more effective coaches.”

Keith continues, “The solution to better retention and improved performance isn’t more training but better coaching. When managers become better coaches and learn how to coach their people around best practices and core competencies, it makes your training stick. Coaching then becomes your competitive edge to foster long term, positive changes in behavior.”

Jonathan Farrington, Chairman of the JF Corporation and Founder of the Top Sales Awards has this to say. “Keith is someone that I have known for a number of years. He is an outstanding author, coach and mentor, who is clearly right at the top of his game, and his knowledge of all things sales is extensive, if not unrivalled. His personal characteristics include; high intelligence, courage, compassion, empathy and integrity – all in very large helpings.”

When asked about the current state of affairs amongst management today, Keith responded, “Integrity is no longer a convenient buzzword people use to describe the characteristics of great leaders. Rather, the integrity of your leadership is challenged every day, in every conversation and within every interaction – with your peers, your staff and your customers. And these challenges don’t show up when it’s convenient. They show up at the most difficult and inconvenient of moments that truly define who you are as a leader. Managers desperately need to amplify their level of self-awareness and ask themselves this question every day; Am I an inspiring model of who I want my people to be and what is possible for them to achieve?”

What about the pushback managers encounter when it comes to everyone, (including upper management) embracing the changes they need to make in their management style, especially those result-driven managers who are hitting their goals? Keith states, “Trying to wrap your hands around what it will take to change the culture of an entire organization today is often like trying to turn a battleship. It can be very overwhelming. Instead, you need to remember the power each manager and even each person possesses when it comes to how you can truly change a culture – that is, one person at a time; one conversation at a time.”

About Keith Rosen and Profit Builders:
Keith Rosen is fanatical about increasing your sales, improving your business and helping you achieve what matters most. That’s why more top global organizations today chose Keith’s sales training and management coach training solutions to drive more sales. A globally recognized authority on sales and leadership, Keith is the CEO of Profit Builders, named the Best Sales Training and Coaching Company Worldwide. Keith has written several best sellers on time management, selling, prospecting and leadership coaching, including the widely acclaimed Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, winner of Five International Best Book Awards. Often featured in the media, Inc. magazine and Fast Company named Keith one of the five most influential executive coaches.

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