New Book Provides A Solution to Developing More Successful Business Partnerships

*Do you find that your business partners have differing views on the business, the relationship and more?
*Does the thought of having a conversation with your partner leave you uneasy and frustrated -or do you avoid them altogether?
*Do disagreements between you and your partners leave your staff or customers unsure of decisions?
*Have you heard that most partnerships aren’t successful so you’re hesitant about getting into one?

You are not alone. Millions of smart and talented people suffer in their partnerships. Sometimes the business isn’t successful and it negatively impacts the relationship. Other times the individual needs of the partners change and they no longer align with the needs of the business. Whatever the causes, more than 50% of all business partnerships fail. And in those that don’t, partners often feel like their only option is to “grin and bear it.”

Finding the Fork in the Road is about partnerships: how to create one, how to build one and how to manage one when it goes off track. It’s chock full of checklists, assessments and other tools to use to determine partnership ‘fit’, establish compatibility, foster trust and measure progress.

Finding The Fork In The Road will help you, whether you are considering a partnership, are struggling in an existing one or are simply looking for ways to strengthen and improve your partner relationship.

Finding The Fork In The Road will reveal:
• When the problem is communication and what to do about it.
• Secrets to successful partnerships and what that means to you.
• How to determine the partnership fit if you are considering a partnership
• The realities of family businesses and how it affects the business and partnership
• And so much more….

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