Book Recommendation: Driven – A Guide to Harnessing Your Inner Focus to Achieve Unprecedented Results

Imagine being able to transcend the boundaries of what you think is possible and become powerful beyond measure? It starts with identifying your Junoon.

I am excited to announce the availability of an intriguing book written by my friend Razi Imam. Razi is an incorrigible entrepreneur who has taken an interesting approach in helping people achieve extraordinary results.

Told in the context of a story, Razi’s book “Driven” teaches the ancient Eastern concept of “Junoon” as the means to help people find their dreams and get in a state of single-minded focus that makes the achievement of those dreams and goals a certainty.

Whether you want to start a business, learn a sport or solve a major world problem, achieving the state of Junoon is where you start.

When Razi asked me to share my Junoon, it was an opportunity to take an immediate and important pause in my day to reflect upon his request. What came out for me was a moment of intrigue, of inspiration, of focus and of unwavering passion for my convictions and purpose.

Your Junoon is not just the vision for your life or career. Your Junoon is not simply a list of your goals. Yes, your Junoon encapsulates these things but it is more – even more than the declaration of the source of your power. Writing my Junoon was powerful exercise, to say the least. The following paragraph is my Junoon, which I share with you here:

“Imagine being able to tap into your deepest level of authenticity and full accountability that makes us all powerful beyond measure. To empower others to break through what may have initially been perceived as an insurmountable challenge. To be human, to find strength in vulnerability, to deeply connect with people and touch the lives of others in a way that transcends the boundaries of what we think is possible.

To profoundly impact a culture – one person at a time, whether in our community, our schools or our businesses. To live in the relentless pursuit of wanting to serve others. To channel your vision, beliefs and convictions so strongly that they become contagious and echo indefinitely throughout the halls of change.

To be inspired by a mission bigger than you that engulfs your thinking and is manifested in everything you do – to the point of obsession. To awaken the gifts and tap into the value of each person that may lie dormant so they can achieve the things they never thought could be. To know that where this all starts is at the home; with my children the ultimate source of my power-and purpose.

My children fuel my inspiration, my passion and are the center of my universe. This is my Junoon.”

Driven will give you the infinite inner strength, heightened awareness, hyper focus and deeper insight to overcome the most overwhelming of obstacles in pursuit of your dreams. Razi has crafted the formula so that who you really are, who you want to be and what you truly want can work in harmony. Driven will enable you to recognize how influential you are and can be.

What is your Junoon? This book will show you how to tap into your purest source of greatness and heartfelt energy that will drive unprecedented change – and make you unstoppable.

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