[Video] Managers: Share Ideas Not Expectations

Managers and executives have the power to shut down a conversation or open up a dialogue. What kind of a manager are you?

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenIt’s a fact that if you’re responsible for managing people, you are their superior. Therefore, you have a certain degree of influence over how your staff feels about certain things. Quite often, managers don’t realize how much of an influence they have over their staff and how influential they can be without even trying. When a manager takes a strong stand or position and makes a statement like, “Here’s the solution” or “Here’s how it is,” it removes any opportunity for others to contribute a different and potentially better idea.

There’s a difference between sharing an opinion or idea and sharing an expectation. It’s one thing if the manager or boss shares an opinion that allows the dialogue and flow of the conversation to continue moving in a positive, collaborative direction. It’s entirely different when the manager shares an expectation with a strong agenda or ultimatum behind it.

An opinion or idea from the boss opens up further conversation. An expectation shuts it down. (Tweet this!)

In this video, I discuss this approach managers can take so that you will be more likely to get a response that encourages unfiltered collaboration and multiple contributions.

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