12 Coaching Questions That Build Accountability

Become a better sales coach and sales manager today.

These questions uncover the salespeople’s level of ownership and accountability around their goals, their job, and their problems – even down to the way they want to be managed and held accountable.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith Rosen
These questions shift the responsibility back to the salespeople who are avoiding it and build in further accountability around their position.

Take a look at the bonus questions below, which are great for those people who may have struggled in the past meeting deadlines or commitments. While the source or the problem is typically a time management issue and their lack of having a structured routine, it could also be a limiting perception regarding how long certain tasks actually take, their a ‘yesaholic’ or they could simply be an adrenaline junkie who enjoys the rush when working on overdrive. So, keep an eye out for some of the symptoms that would support these observations.)

Remember, treat these questions like a buffet. So take what you like and leave what you don’t. Depending upon your situation and the individual you’re coaching, all questions don’t work for everyone so a few here may not work for you.

  1. What gift or talent do you feel you are you not leveraging to the fullest potential?
  2. I hear your good intentions behind reaching your goal. Can you share with me the evidence or activity that demonstrates your commitment to it?
  3. What role are you playing in all of this? What part did you play in creating that (in your life)?
  4. How have you demonstrated ownership of this?
  5. What do you feel you are responsible for? What do you feel is outside of your control?
  6. How would you like me to hold you accountable around your goals in a way that will sound supportive rather than negative?
  7. How do you want me to approach you if you don’t follow through with the commitments you make? What would be a good way to bring this up?
  8. How do you like to be managed? What type of management style do you respond best to?

BONUS QUESTIONS: Building Deeper Accountability around Meeting Deadlines

  1. How long do you think it’s going to realistically take you to complete this task, considering the worst case scenario?
  2. What resources do you need to complete this successfully?
  3. What have you already committed to that you need to be mindful of which could get in the way of meeting this deadline?
  4. Looking at your schedule and your current commitments, when can you realistically devote the time you need to complete this?

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