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This week on CanDoGo is Tom Hopkins week. He will be the featured author all week on

In honor of this amazing thought leader, will be featuring classic short video’s including some of Tom’s most memorable messages on sales and sales leadership.

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Here are three of Tom’s tips below and some additional videos:

Tom’s Tip #1
Just Say Thank You

By Tom Hopkins

Do you remember sending Thank You Cards after sales calls or meetings? I do. And it wasn’t all that long ago that it created strong relationships and referrals. It’s a lost art, and now more than ever our sales teams need every advantage they can get. Check out Tom Hopkins here on this very thought.

Tom’s Tip #2
What Really Happens When you Close a Sale

By Tom Hopkins

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Four Things That Occur at the Close
1. You help clients rationalize a decision they want to make.
2. You help clients head off procrastination.
3. You help clients deal with their fear.
4. You help clients overcome indecision.

Tom’s Tip #3
Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Tom Hopkins
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If you are a salesperson wanting to increase your income, please understand that you don’t have to devote more hours to selling to increase your sales, just increase your selling skills instead. You will be closing more sales in the same amount of time.

You see, if you want to make more money, you have two choices — you can try to sell to more customers, or you can get better at selling. Since there is only so much time in which you can sell, I suggest the latter. Work smarter, not harder. Seeing too many customers will limit your ability to give each and every one of them the good service they deserve.

Since service is the essence of professional sales, isn’t it wise to get better at serving those customers you sell thus building a strong base of good customers?

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