Be Grateful Rather Than the Consummate Complainer

Become a better sales coach and sales manager today.

If you’re fortunate enough to have one today, develop a deeper appreciation for your job and recognize the behaviors that can put your name on the short list.

Be Grateful

Talk to people who used to complain about their salary, boss and work conditions. The same people who used to whine about their job are now many of the people today who are grateful to have one. And this sense of deeper appreciation for their employment and their income is echoed from the taxi driver to the cook at the local restaurant, the shop worker, the teacher, the sales associate, business owner as well as the executive.

It’s not just a right to have a job but the privilege that comes with having one today. We are finally beginning to shed the sense of American Entitlement™ that was spawned from the greed that has put us in this position we are in today. But remember, don’t sit there and play the victim either. You can’t blame the media, your community, the society, your neighbor or your job about our own over indulgence or lack of accountability around our personal finances. Hey, you made the choice – the life you live today is a reflection of the choices you make every day. The good news is, you have the power to accelerate your success in your career.

Don’t Be The Squeaky Wheel

Are You known as The Consummate Complainer? Where it used to be the squeaky wheel got the oil, now the squeaky wheel is getting the axe.

1. Be of Service Rather Than Being Selfish
This is the time not to be so self centered but to also be of greater service to others. Don’t seek out greater recognition; financial or otherwise. Be more collaborative rather than being competitive. So, get involved and help out where you can; now more than ever.

2. Be Fully Accountable
That means no blaming or passing responsibility and no finger pointing. If you made a mistake, then be the first to own up to it and correct it. Trust me, no boss wants to be caught up in further drama, so stay away from creating any unnecessary problems, emails, meetings and conflict with other employees that kill your time and productivity.

3. Don’t Be High Maintenance
Companies don’t need much of a reason today to let people go. In fact, many companies are taking advantage of this and have accelerated the dismissal process of more underperformers today than they have in decades through downsizing or eliminating a position. So, be careful if you’re the type of employee who always complains; whether it’s about the temperature in the office, the work space or the noise. If you’re known to be the person who has an air of entitlement or who is just difficult to work with, guess who is going to be the first to be let go, and in many cases, that’s regardless whether or not they are top performers.

Photo Credit: Christopher Hsia