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Just Follow Up Wins Sales Article of The Month on Top Sales Articles.
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You may know what that next step in your selling process actually is. But do you know exactly, when? Are you confident in what that next step is and when it will be taken? Many salespeople struggle when it comes to determining whether or not to follow up and when that “perfect” time to do so actually is.

Have you ever burdened yourself with these internal questions?

* “Do I call them now, or do I wait until next week?”
* “I think they’ll have time to read my proposal by next Wednesday, so I’ll call them Thursday.”
* “I don’t want to appear desperate or pushy, so maybe I’m better off just waiting another week.”
* “They said they weren’t in a hurry, so I’ll put them on my list to call back next month.”
* “Maybe I should call them today. I mean, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve spoken last and I don’t want to lose this sale!”

This ambiguity in your selling process is then compounded exponentially when you finally reach out to this person, just to connect with their voice mail on the other end.

If any of these questions sound familiar, it’s a safe bet you may be missing a critical step in your selling process. Here’s one of the golden rules of selling which, for many reasons, gets violated every moment of every day.

Always, always, always, have the next step mapped out and agreed upon in every selling situation, in every conversation with a prospect or customer.

This removes the toxic ambiguity that pollutes your mind and your thinking and robs you of time that’s better served focused on more meaningful and rewarding selling activities.

Here’s a link to this article, Just Follow Up.