Foster Key Strategic Relationships: How to Keep Your Job- Part 2

The World Bank just reported that the economy is in the worst shape since the Great Depression. Here are a few career retention strategies to adopt (as well as some things to avoid doing) to stay employed, become more valuable and avoid being the next one cut. These strategies can make the difference between you moving up the ladder of success or moving out the door.

The TV show Survivor provides a glimpse of how crucial it is to foster key alliances if you want to be a player and have a shot at winning the one million dollars. This certainly isn’t the only forum where it can make or break you. In this second part of an eight part series, here are some non negotiable strategies to start implementing today that will enable you to foster more key strategic relationships that can better insulate you from a looming layoff.

Foster Key Strategic Relationships: How to Keep Your Job- Part 2

1. Encourage Key Relationships. Your ability to socialize responsibly certainly plays a role here. Statistically, executives and HR find it hard to fire people they know well. As such, encouraging a relationship with these people can offer more job security for you.

2. Schedule More Frequent Meetings With Your Boss. This isn’t only about sharing what value you’ve brought to the table lately. Even with your heavier workload, now would be a good time to find out how you can help your manager. How can you deliver more value? See if you can take something off their plate. How many employees are going to their managers to see how they can help them? You’ll certainly separate yourself from the pack. If positioned correctly, you’ll leave a positive lasting impression.

3. Meet More Frequently with Your Peers. It’s good practice to connect more often only with your boss however, don’t stop there. What about connecting more frequently with your peers and the people you work with daily? Make certain that you work well with them so that the people you work with can talk highly of you. What can you do to make their lives easier without compromising yourself?

4. Seek Out a Mentor. Be on the lookout for someone within your company who you can develop a close relationship with and who can act as a mentor, particularly someone higher up. This person is more likely to be able to help you and keep you out of harm’s way when a potential layoff is imminent.