Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions Named one of The World’s Best Business Books of 2009

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The other day, results were announced that my latest book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions received the Axiom Business Book Award and was honored with the silver medal for being recognized as one of the World’s Best Business Books of 2009. I’m humbly appreciative of this award and look forward to continuing my quest to deliver rich content and value through my writing and coaching.

Below is the press release that was sent out by the Axiom Book Awards.


Axiom Business Book Award Winners Offer Knowledge and Hope in Troubled Times

(Traverse City, MI, Feb. 25, 2009) Difficult problems require knowledgeable solutions. The current global financial meltdown may be the most difficult economic challenge we’ll ever face, requiring the best educational tools available. As the stock market tumbles and job markets tighten, where can one turn to get an edge, to survive and thrive? Read books — cutting-edge, award-winning books.

Jenkins Group and are proud to announce the results of the second annual Axiom Business Book Awards, honoring the best business books published during the past year. The list of Axiom Award-winning titles will assure the reading public that help is near, in a wide array of business topics, from Leadership and Entrepreneurship to hard-to-find categories like Business Ethics, Philanthropy and Business Fable.

Whether to investigate a new career or to decipher their 401-Ks, these trying times make people realize the need to further educate themselves. Finding a qualified reading list that covers a breadth of subject matter and business topics saves us time and money.

The Axiom Business Book Awards are designed to create such a list, bringing this group of exemplary business books to the attention of those eager to learn, see, and work differently to improve their careers and businesses. The awards offer a platform for today’s leading business
voices to help restore confidence among readers that all is not lost.

“We’re very excited to bring awareness to this important genre of books,” says company founder Jerrold Jenkins. “This year’s winners represent the world’s best business minds and their wisdom and knowledge is needed now more than ever. Congratulations and thanks to all Axiom Award medalists for their efforts.”

Nearly 350 entries were received in this year’s contest. See a complete listing of results at their website.