Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions Wins 2008 Sales Leadership Book of The Year

SBA Gold Medal Winner of the Best Sales Leadership Book

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I just found out that my latest book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions has won the prestigious Book of the Year gold medal for the best Sales Leadership book of 2008. Thirty-five judges reviewed these books over a sixty-day period, utilizing a common scoring process to make their decisions. I’m humbly appreciative of this award and look forward to continuing my quest to deliver rich content and value through my writing and coaching.

The rules of success in the new economy certainly apply to how you manage and develop your team of fearless prospectors and rainmakers. There’s a new technology of leadership needed to build a team of sales champions today. To drive positive, measurable change and keep your competitive edge, managers must learn how to quickly and effectively coach, motivate and retain their top performers.

I was recently asked by author Lee Salz, what managers need to do to most effectively impact their team. Here was my response:

“To have a profound impact on the success of your team, the leader must change first. After all, avalanches roll downhill. It’s a new economy and the rules of business have changed overnight, The areas most impacted – sales and leadership. Now more than ever our society is consumed with fear. We are living in a period of intense fear and leadership in many organizations is fear based. Managers need to shift away from fear based management and develop more of a collaborative coaching culture. You cannot inspire others when you are afraid and you can’t be inspired when you’re full of fear and worry. Conduct more frequent one-to-one meetings, build greater accountability by relinquishing your role as Chief Problem Solver and have less tolerance for mediocrity.”

“How do you lead your team differently today compared to the way you did just six months ago? Have you benchmarked the most effective sales and leadership practices? Are you coaching the right people or are you still being seduced by potential and attempting to coach the uncoachable? Ultimately, management needs to adapt, innovate and evolve or suffer from corporate inefficiency, rigidity and declining profits.”

Back in May of this year, this book made Amazon’s Best Seller list and was the #1 Best Selling management book. Still holding strong in the top 10 I’m grateful for all of my partners, bloggers and readers who helped contribute to this book’s success as well as those thought leaders who supported this project, such as Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Seeds of Greatness and The Psychology of Winning and Anthony Parinello, author of Selling to VITO.

Brian Tracy had this to say about my book. “There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching and this book is the best ever written on how to do it well.”

Tom Hopkins wrote, “Few management books are specific to salespeople. Keith Rosen’s book is a great one to study and apply or pick up here and there when you have a special need. His coaching ideas are clearly explained and easily executed.”

And Dr. Tony Alessandra said, “Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions is a well written, easily readable, practical book for anyone who manages salespeople. Excellent content is combined with real case studies, coaching templates and action steps that make this book a must read and a desktop reference for every sales manager, executive or business owner.”

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Start the New Year off strong. Wishing you a prosperous, spectacular and healthy 2009!