The Top Paradoxes of Prospecting

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Many of the strategies we engage in are often counterintuitive to achieving our goals; especially as it relates to cold calling and prospecting for business.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith Rosen
Here’s a sample of the top paradoxes of prospecting that make prospecting so challenging. However, once these paradoxes are woven into your thinking, you’ll notice how these contradictions will provide you with a competitive edge that no other marketing piece, feature or benefit of your product or service could even come close to.

1. You want the sale (appointment, demo) but you must detach from the outcome and have no expectation, since the sale is not the initial goal of prospecting.

2. You want the prospect to say “Yes” to taking the next step in your sales process but you have to qualify them first to see if there’s even a fit worth pursuing.

3. You want the prospect to buy from you but must learn to give value unconditionally, whether or not they buy or meet with you.

4. You want to deliver and push through your presentation but you must get the prospect’s permission even before you present.

5. You need to keep your eye on your objective, set your goals and plan your strategy for the future to determine the path to travel on but you must bring yourself back into the present moment during every prospecting conversation.

6. You want to make more money and achieve greater success in your career but you have to make the sales process about the prospect, instead of you, in order to do so.

7. You want to sell to each prospect you speak with but need to qualify them to see if you even want them as a customer. (Remember, if you want to build a business or career you hate, just find the people to work with who you just can’t stand.)

Lets face it. You and I both know that the ultimate objective of your prospecting efforts is to sell more and boost your income. However, to achieve this goal, it’s just not where you are going to focus your energy and thoughts.

If you can understand and embrace these paradoxes, you now have the opportunity to respond to each prospect in a healthier, more productive, and more enjoyable way.

Photo Credit: Arenamontanus