Doing More Leads To Failure – Reinvent Everything

Power Referrals – The Ambassador Method Will Build Your Social Currency

In today’s market, exploiting every vehicle you can to drive more prospects and more sales to you is crucial. The innovative will reign supreme, while those scurrying to simply do more of what they did yesterday wonder why ‘more’ isn’t the answer. What daily activities yield your greatest ROI? How are you then refining and re-inventing those activities to over respond to the needs of your customers?

Winning today requires re-thinking every activity you engage in, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Just yesterday, I’ve incorporated a whole new system that has now enabled me to more efficiently respond to every email that’s sent to me or to my company, with less human resources being exhausted. It’s a win-win for my customers and for my company and it didn’t cost me one penny. I simply refined a system we already had in place and made it even better. Keep in mind, the old system was working fine, but working fine is what got all of us in the mess we’re in today. The “Good Enough Mediocre Mentality.”

Stop and think about how you generate new business? What new initiatives or ways of prospecting have you incorporated over the last few months? How proactive are you about pursuing referral business and the many business opportunities that are out there waiting for you?

My friend and colleague, Andrea Sittig-Rolf has just released her latest book entitled, Power Referrals: The Ambassador Method for Empowering Others to Promote Your Business and Do the Selling for You (McGraw-Hill, 2008).

What does this mean to you? An opportunity to tap into a new way of doing business and attracting more customers. And it all revolves around your ability to leverage your Social Currency.

I’ve included an expert from Andrea’s book below, defining social currency and how you can start building your own.


Social Currency is the value we bring to the social networks in which we are involved. Think of all of the networks you are involved in; social networks, professional networks, family networks. In every network, you bring value to others in that network based on the people you know and the relationships you have. Social currency is what you have to “spend” by way of introductions you make to help the people in your networks get what they want.

So how do you determine your social currency? Think of all of your spheres of influence: the people you know and the networks you’re involved in. Your spheres of influence can include colleagues, associates, referral partners, prospects, customers, friends, family, and Ambassadors. The Social Currency Assessment will help you map and understand your individual strengths and how they can benefit those in your spheres of influence, your potential Ambassadors, and your actual Ambassadors.

Everyone has skills, abilities and gifts, and this assessment will help to hone yours for a clear understanding of what strengths you have and what assets you bring to the table in your Ambassador relationships. For those skills and strengths you don’t feel you have, it’s best to simply manage your weaknesses, and to build on your strengths.

Your spheres of influence and your strengths are just part of your overall social currency…

For more information about social currency and the new book Power Referrals: The Ambassador Method for Empowering Others to Promote Your Business and Do the Selling for You, plus a free online toolkit, click here.