Landslide’s New Release Offers a Breakthrough in Sales Work Style Support

Landslide Technologies, Inc. just recently announced the launch of its Summer 2008 Release, which offers a breakthrough in usability, new Web 2.0 capabilities and an innovative Sales Workspace that allows salespeople to engage, interact, and sell using the proven best practices of their company and industry.

Landslide was created with the belief that there is a need for an application purpose-built to achieve one goal: increase sales performance. This sales-centric approach has been the driving force behind Landslide and the Summer 2008 Release continues to expand its offering based upon its in-depth understanding of sales work styles.

Building on its focus on helping sales professionals effectively navigate complex sales cycles, Summer 2008 Release features a comprehensive set of new capabilities including a completely re-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) that minimizes the number of clicks needed to complete any sales tasks, a four-tier deep sales process with embedded sales job aids, mash-ups with Sales 2.0 offerings like InsideView and unique, new VIP services designed to offload the pipeline management and forecast reporting work from sales managers and senior executives.

“Landslide is on the verge of reshaping this industry,” said Michael Bosworth, co-founder, CustomerCentric Selling. “The new features in the Summer ‘08 Release offer a breakthrough in the ease with which sales teams can institutionalize best processes to manage opportunities and support the needs of the individual sales professional.”

Landslide is the only company that combines live services with its software offering to really support the work styles of salespeople. The Summer ’08 Release adds to this offering with the launch of eVIP—a new set of services for the sales executives specifically designed to help them manage their sales teams.

“Today’s announcement of the Landslide Summer 2008 Release marks the changing of the landscape from the old generation date entry driven CRM to the new innovation in selling where the salespeople use web technology to follow a best of class selling process, interact with their buyers and close deals,” said Razi Imam, CEO and founder, Landslide Technologies.

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