Be Present

Are you really living in the present?

Although planning for a great year is healthy and productive, during our quest to accomplish more we often lose sight of what is occurring today. Sure we live in the present, but is that where we are truly living and responding to in each moment?

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenConsider that most of our time is spent either living in the past or in the future. Where is the focus of your energy and thoughts? Are you focused on making today great or on wishing you said or did something differently at different points in your life? Do you have an internal dialogue that begins with, “If only I….” or “I should have done that because then my life would have been better.” In other words, responding to and “living in the past.”

Conversely, are you trying to get somewhere in the future, as in, “Once I make a certain amount of money, then my life will be complete, or “Once I finish this project and eliminate these problems, then I’ll be happier and have more time for myself and my family.” In essence, living in the future, a point in time that doesn’t even exist!

We often live, listen and react from the past or are pushing for something to happen in the future. To be fully present means you are able to focus on a single person, idea or topic. It means not having any preoccupations with the past or future, the two points in time we have no control over! Living in the past or in the future (vs. planning for the future) consumes our energy and time, since we are not responding to, engaged in and creating a great present.

If You’re Not Present and Engaged in the Moment, You Can’t Be:

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[list_item]Asking Better Questions[/list_item]
[list_item]Coming Across as Authentic (which is reflected in your tonality, resonance, pacing and languaging)[/list_item]

Being fully present takes practice, effort and focus. Living in, responding to and thinking in the present will enable you to embrace the magnificence life offers today without sacrificing what is most important to you (friends family, health, etc.) in an attempt to “get somewhere.” Learn to master each moment in time, realizing that what is always takes precedent over was and what will be. If you can practice this, the quality of your life will greatly increase.

Photo Credit: János Balázs