Get your FREE copy of my new book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions through

Thought I’d share with you a way to get my book for free.

Simply attend a short, live online demo of Landslide, a sales workstyle management tool created FOR salespeople BY salespeople to help increase their sales, leverage their time and boost their income. Register now to see how selling using Landslide is different from traditional CRM and SFA solutions. Landslide focuses on helping salespeople and sales teams work most effectively by easily enabling a three-tier sales process complete with selling cycle phases, selling activities in each phase, and the selling tools to complete these activities. At the conclusion of the demo, Landslide will ship you a free copy of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions!

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available for shipment to addresses in North America.

Keep in mind, no demo no book. But hey, it’s a free copy. Here’s more information.