More Gravy Please –Sales Gravy, That Is. Mmmm Juicy! is among the top sales portals on the internet. But Sales Gravy is different – in fact it is different than pretty much anything out on the web today. You’ll notice this the moment you enter the site – the guys over at Sales Gravy don’t take themselves too seriously. The founder, Jeb Blount, says “That is who we are. From the beginning we made a conscious decision to keep our site fun. We didn’t want to look stiff and corporate like so many other sites on the web. Sales is a tough business, it’s brutal, so why not have some fun and a few laughs along the way?” The motto at Sales Gravy is “Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World” For Jeb Blount, this is more than words, it is a way of life.

On you will find a huge (and growing) collection of articles from many of the top experts in the Sales Profession. And you will also find fantastic articles written by working sales leaders and sales professionals who are in the field, getting deals done. There is a massive collection of free audio programs and podcasts, feeds from almost every top sales blog and sales resource site (the true meaning on one stop shopping), and one of the largest collections of free sales and motivation videos anywhere (yes, you can check out mine here as well).

Of course the most popular part of is the Sales Community, billed by the Sales Gravy team, as the largest online community of B2B Sales Professionals in the world. When you join the community you will literally have access to salespeople on every continent and have the ability to interact with sales authors, speakers, and experts who are part of the community as well. It’s sort of like the Facebook of the Sales Profession.

For Sales Leaders and hiring managers perhaps the most impressive offering from Sales Gravy is Sales Gravy Jobs. I don’t know how they do this, but if you are trying to fill sales positions and build your team these guys have an offer you can’t refuse: Post Your Sales Jobs Free. There are no strings attached and, here is the kicker, after you post your sales job you will have full access to their resume database. According to Jeb the resume database contains more than 2000 sales resumes and grows at an average rate of 200 new resumes a week. Currently there are more than 350 employers posting sales jobs on Sales Gravy including ADP, Grainger, Dell, and Office Depot. In the cash strapped business environment we are in these days, this free offer is worth checking out.

Take a few minutes today and check out Sales Gravy here.