Cold Calling Academy: Strategy #2: Ask a technical question #3 Use Humor:

In an effort to combat market conditions, I’ve noticed an increase in cold calling activity within many organizations regardless of industry. Here are some solutions to be mindful of for you to use when you run into the barrier that may prevent you from connecting with your desired prospect. The elusive gatekeeper.

Strategy #2: Ask a technical question:

Here’s another approach that would cause the concierge to happily pass you on to the person you are looking to contact. First, prepare a question that you know only the person who you are looking to contact can answer effectively.

If you sell printing or advertising, you can try this: “We’re putting some solutions together for you and wanted to know /discuss the (technical requirements for this application service.)”

Since these questions are typically ones that a concierge may not be able to answer on their own, they will often connect you directly with the decision-maker or the person in charge of that department.

Strategy #3: Use Humor

Typically, when asking for the person you want to connect with, a typical response from the gatekeeper may sound like this: May I ask what this is in reference to?”

Here’s a different way to respond:

You: “Of course! I’m a salesperson and I want to relentlessly hound them until they take my call.”

What You Have Accomplished: Lets face it. If you’re talking to a seasoned concierge, they can smell a cold call a mile away. Instead of dancing around this issue, address it head on, yet in a light and humorous way.

This brutal, honest approach will get you to the decision-maker more frequently than trying to manipulate, mislead, or sneak by the concierge. Instead, it gets right to the truth and intention of your call. Since the concierge is always on the lookout for sneaky salespeople, they will actually appreciate your approach. As such, this will diffuse the concierge’s reluctance to helping you.

Cutting right to the chase will actually catch the concierge off guard and often creates a laugh. At this point, the concierge would lower their guard and quite often connect you to the decision-maker or, at the very least, provide you with the information you need for your next call.