The Most Remarkable Consortium Of Experts Ever Assembled Supporting: Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

72 Hour Special Book Event April 15 – 17. Ends tomorrow.

What do all of these thought leaders, authors and companies have in common? They’re all supporting this 72 Hour Book Launch Event for my new book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions by giving away hundreds of dollars worth of their own valuable resources.

I’m grateful to have each one of them as my valued partner in this event and deeply appreciate their support.

Authors, Speakers, Experts

Zig Ziglar

Tom Hopkins

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Jim Cathcart

Jill Konrath

Lee Salz

Michael Nick

Paul McCord

Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Jonathan Farrington

Vince Thompson

Dave Lakhani

Ron Hubsher

Lori Richardson

Kim George

Randy Pennington

Dave Anderson

Kelley Robinson

Mark Hunter

Bob Kantin

Dr. Rick Kirschner

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.

Chris Lytle

Peter Radizeski

Companies, Publications


The Ziglar Corporation




Selling Power


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