How Do You Do That? Transforming Management Principles into Tactical Solutions

You may know this type of sales manager or sales coach. Maybe it’s a salesperson who’s first taking on the role of sales manager. Or, you may even be this type of sales manager. The type of sales manager or business owner who’s enthusiastic, compassionate and truly committed to leading their team to greater success. Yet, like most managers, you were never formally trained to be a sales manager. Subsequently, the problems that your salespeople have been struggling with for months, if not years which you’ve desperately tried to handle still plague you, as well as practically every other sales force I’ve ever encountered. Here are the most pressing questions I’m asked by managers in search of ways to build a better team.

  • How can I get my salespeople to follow the system so they can start achieving their monthly sales goals on a consistent basis?
  • How do I further my development as a sales coach?
  • How do I turn around an underperformer or make the decision to let someone go?
  • How do I attract and retain top talent, especially new hires?
  • How do I get and keep salespeople motivated without using consequences or threats?
  • How do I continually leverage their strengths to maximize their productivity?
  • How do I handle difficult or toxic salespeople?
  • How do I get them to self-generate solutions to their problems so they don’t have to be so dependent on me as the primary problem solver?
  • How do I create buy in from my staff on what they need to do?
  • How do I free up more time to focus on the activities that desperately need my attention?
  • Do these obstacles sound familiar? The fact is, regardless of experience, most leadership efforts are doomed from the start. Managers lose talented salespeople and maintain an atmosphere of mediocrity not because of a lack of effort but because they lack a coaching system to leverage the talents of their people in order to generate the results they really want.

    Now, any manager can tap into a permanent solution to these challenges; all of which are addressed in great detail in my new book Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.
    If you’re like most managers or coaches who are always looking for a way to do things better and want a permanent solution for your most pressing challenges—then this book was written for you.

    Not sure if the book is relevant enough for you? To get an idea just how comprehensive this book is, here’s a list of just some of the types of companies and industries included throughout every case study and coaching template.

    1. IT And Telecom
    2. Data Centers
    3. Executive Recruiting
    4. Automotive and Manufacturing
    5. Marketing and Advertising
    6. Medical Practices
    7. Pharmaceutical Sales
    8. Technology and Software
    9. Retail
    10. Supplements and Self Care Industry
    11. Insurance
    12. Health Care
    13. Real Estate
    14. Sports Management Consulting
    15. Law
    16. Hotel and Restaurant
    17. Accounting and Financial Planning


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