A Masterful Coach knows to Develop Your Personal Style of Coaching. Characteristic #5

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5. Develop Your Personal Style of Coaching
When people ask me what my style of coaching is, I say, “Direct yet light, exploratory, action-oriented, comprehensive, easily adaptable, conversational, enjoyable, tactical, and results-oriented. I’m your safe sounding board, your advisor, accountability partner, cheerleader, personal trainer, and consultant.”

Building off the attribute we discussed under number 4, developing your own coaching style is something that doesn’t happen immediately but as an organic process as you coach more and more people. The most effective coaches have learned to trust their heart and, in turn, trust their personality. Their style of coaching complements who they are naturally. These are the coaches who reign supreme, for they know that the very thing that their salespeople or clients find attractive in them is who they are, not simply what they do. Give yourself permission to be the authentic you and let your gifts radiate throughout the coaching you deliver.

It is perfectly normal and natural to have resistance to making the transformational shift from sales manager to sales coach. Considering what is required of you, it is a tall order. Much more is expected from the sales coach than the sales manager. However, imagine what would be possible for you and for your sales team once you make this transformation. For those managers who are willing to do so, the rewards are abundant.


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