A Masterful Coach knows to Coach from Your Heart, Not from Your Head. Characteristic #4

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4. Coach from Your Heart, Not from Your Head
When I first started coaching I had a master list of questions I used to ensure I was in fact asking the right questions. (I share these questions with you in the appendix of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.) After coaching dozens of people over the course of my first several months as a new coach, I realized that the greatest coaches coach from their hearts, not their heads. That is, rather than focus on the “Five Steps to Coach Anyone” or some cookie cutter model that can be bought off the shelf, the truly masterful coaches go many layers deeper in themselves to become the most effective coaches they can be. There is certainly a place for templates and a step-by-step model when coaching as I’ve outlined throughout my book. However, once you have evolved into a coach, it defines who you are, not just what you do. It becomes part of you. Rather than simply “doing” coaching, you are now coaching from your heart as a natural expression of yourself.

The most effective way to uncover and connect with someone else’s heart, spirit, drive, and passion is to first tap into your own. The more you, as a coach, trust and use your gut feelings, your intuition, your instincts, the more of an impact you will have on the people you coach.


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