Five Core Characteristics of the World’s Greatest Sales Coaches

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There’s certainly a tactical element of coaching that any coach can benefit from following, a process or template to use as a guide on how to coach, especially throughout your initial attempts at coaching people. However, it’s the other stuff that they can’t teach you in coaching school; experience, life lessons, personal drive, focus, commitment, integrity. Regardless of your position or your profession, I’ve noticed certain commonalities among the greatest coaches I know and have coached.

The next several blogs will focus on one characteristic that the world’s greatest coaches share. Here’s number 1.

1. You can’t take someone where you haven’t been yourself

Sure, you may be in sales but has your coach ever held a sales position before, let alone been a top producer in her industry and company? If you’re a business owner, manager, or executive, has your coach experienced the same challenges and successes and learned the valuable time-saving lessons that will help you build a high-performance team or grow your business?

Having an experienced coach in your corner who also happens to be a successful business owner and salesperson gives you the additional edge that’s sure to cut down the time-consuming and often costly learning curve it takes for you to learn and achieve what’s most important to you.

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