The Seduction of Potential. Download Excerpt #3 of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

Download an Excerpt of, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

#3-The Seduction of Potential.

With the release of my latest book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, here is the third excerpt in a five part special series of exclusive book excerpts I will be sharing with you over the next week for you to download and enjoy immediately! It’s a PDF, so load it into your PDA and take it with you.

Here’s the PDF you can download now of The Seduction of Potential – Download the chapter excerpt here.


Potential Is the Holy Grail

There are three areas in which managers constantly struggle. One area is deciding who to hire and where to find good talent. The second is deciding who to invest the time in turning around, and the third is determining who to let go and when to do it. These are the tasks that managers complain about the most. And at the root of these challenges leads back to one thing. Potential. Yes, we are often seduced by the potential that we believe we see in others.

We believe that sometimes, if we wait for that underperformer to ‘turn it around,’ if we’re patient, if we give them just a little more time, more resources, better training, more attention, they can finally live up to their potential. We believe our employees when they tell us, “Just give me a few more weeks. I’m about to close in on two big sales. Yes, I know my performance has slipped, but as I told you, those personal problems that have been distracting me are no longer there.”

We think, “Okay, if they really could turn it around that would make my life so much easier. After all, it sure beats the painful and time-consuming process of having to recruit someone new, let alone having to figure out how to cover a territory with no salesperson!”

This belief is counterintuitive. Ironically, it costs you more to keep someone like this on your team. More time, more lost sales, more money and resources, more lost selling opportunities, more conflict, more internal problems. Then you have less time to focus on growing your business and on the people who are performing: the people who make you look great, who are coachable, and who want to truly live their potential today.

And that’s when it happens. The seduction begins. Now, you begin making decisions based on your emotions, feelings, hopes, and unrealistic scenarios, rather than on the facts and what is best for you, the company, as well as the person in question.

The seduction of potential clouds your better judgment. If you’re looking for evidence of this conundrum, then just glance over at the people on your team today. Think about the people you have hired in the past who did not work out. How many people can you think of who you hired, when, in your heart, there was a warning sign, something telling you that this person was not the right fit? Call it your gut reaction, your instincts, or intuition. Your internal barometer was desperately trying to tell you something, and you chose not to listen…..

Download the chapter excerpt here.

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