How to Design Your Ideal Career

Become a better sales coach and sales manager today!

Here’s a list of questions that will assist you in discovering the ideal career for you. Create it first, then attract it. Have fun with this!

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith Rosen
Don’t get hung up on what you think is feasible, available or possible. Just create what you want most.

After reviewing my clients’ responses to these questions, it’s interesting how many of them answered the questions. They answered many questions about how it was or how it is in their current job rather than how they want it to be. Remember, answer every question from the place of how you would like it to be and create the vision of what you would like your career to look like.

1. How many hours in a typical workday?
2. What is your desired salary?
3. Who are the people you are working with?
4. What type of clients do you want to serve?
5. What type of product/service do you want to offer?
6. What is your day filled with or what type of activities are you responsible for?
7. What type of industry?
8. What is the level of autonomy?
9. What type of growth opportunities exist?
10. What kind of supervisor do you want to work with (if any)? What’s that person’s management style?
11. What are your co-workers like (if any)?
12. What benefit/incentive package is offered?
13. What type of environment/corporate culture do you thrive in (fast paced, stressful, relaxed, quiet, etc.)
14. What are you passionate about?
15. What type of career would be a reflection of who you are?
16. How does your career complement your lifestyle?
17. What are the demographics of your clients and co-workers?
18. What are your strengths and talents that you would like to orient your career around?
19. What do you do great?
20. What don’t you like to do?
21. What needs to be present in order to make a smooth transition and be financially responsible with the least amount of risk or error?
22. Who do you have in your circle of influence to support you through this transition? (family, friends, coach, etc.)
23. Who do you need to be (or become) in order to achieve, create or succeed at this?
24. What are the fears or limiting thinking that’s keeping you from moving forward without hesitation?

Photo Credit: hannah