Reacting vs. Responding

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Are you reacting to your clients as opposed to responding to them? Read more to learn the difference between the two and how to identify which approach you are taking.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenWhen a customer says something like, “Your price is too high,” salespeople often switch into a defensive mode, thinking about a past experience with a similar customer, and react accordingly. Remember that re-action is any action you have taken before. So if you are continually reacting from the “same place,” you are going to continue to generate the same result.

You might react by defending your quality or value, or with some type of reduction in price. If customers can get a discount by merely making a statement, think about the atmosphere you are creating. The customer will feel that they shouldn’t buy before trying something else to get an even better price; like by checking out your competitor. “Your price is too high” is not a question you need to defend. Instead of answering it, respond with a question such as, “Before you ask me why my price is high, why do you feel the other price you got is lower?”

Photo credit: Keith Nerdin