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Earlier this year, I was approached by the folks over at about an article I had written which they were interested in republishing on their site entitled, “Why Should I Talk to You?”

After doing my due dilligence on the people behind the scenes, it was clear they were legit, established and high integrity people. So, I’m happy to bring to your attention another great resource bank of articles you can tap into from a variety of writers sharing their perspectives on selling, cold calling, closing the sale and becoming a top salesperson.

Here’s the link to

Now, here’s the interesting part that I just recently found out about. It seems this article was named article of the month earlier this year. Now, there’s going to be one article this year that’s going to be crowned the number one sales article of 2007. Out of about 400 articles submitted for this competition on, my article happened to make the top 9 finalists. So while you’re perusing this site and enjoying the content there, your humble blogger would very much appreciate if you would cast your vote for my article.

On the home page of on the upper left corner under the page header, you’ll see the poll. Simply click on “JUNE Keith Rosen” and click ‘vote.’ No registering, no entering your personal information, just click and vote in just five seconds.

The climax of this year’s competition is fast approaching and the winner will be announced here at midnight GMT (7pm EST) on New Year’s Eve.

Your vote counts! Voting will account for 50% of the overall score and the other 50% will come from the adjudication panel’s assessment.

The poll closes at midnight GMT (7pm EST) on December 30th 2007.

Thanks in advance for your support. Enjoy my article as well as the additional sales tips you’ll find there.