The Strategy of Keeping Your Business A Secret

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Leaving your business out in the open makes it easy for competitors to steal your ideas. Sometimes it’s wise to make certain strategies top secret.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenI was talking to Jan, a client of mine about building her practice through more referral business. We worked on building her referral engine developing an approach that she was comfortable with.

We fine tuned the language she felt confident using when approaching and talking to her clients about building her business through referrals. She then practiced her approach until it felt natural for her.

The day finally came for Jan to use the new skills she’s developed. She felt prepared, actually a bit excited, although naturally nervous to use her new approach when speaking with a client, should the opportunity arise.

During her third appointment of the day, it did. Like a graceful dancer, Jan elegantly asked a few questions that evoked permission from her client to have that conversation with her.

The conversation went wonderfully well. Her client was happy, even eager to help Jan. Before her customer left the office, Jan already considered this a success. Just the mere fact of asking for referrals, something she’s feared for years was an incredible achievement for her. Regardless of the outcome today, Jan knew this would make a huge difference in her practice.

As Jan’s client was leaving her office she turned to Jan and said, “Jan, you know, I was a bit surprised to hear that you were looking for more business and of course, I am happy to help you any way I can. As I’ve always told you, I know lots of people who would love to work with you.

I was just surprised that you even needed referrals, as I thought your practice was entirely full! If only I’d known, I would have sent you all the people I’ve been sending the other person I know who does what you do.”

What dangerous assumptions are your customers making about your business? How much business has Jan lost over the years simply because she didn’t ask a few simple questions? Stop leaving free business on the table that your competition it taking from you.

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