Developing Your Next Big Idea

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I’m often asked “What do you when you have all these great ideas? Which one do you grab and act on first?” Here’s how I reply.

8-Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture by Keith RosenMy response is: Years of creation! The hardest part is getting it all out of your head and documented immediately; following through and then filing each thought, idea or project in a well organized way. The magic happens when you literally detach from the idea, from the outcome, from the seduction, ether and excitement of a ‘fresh new idea’ and let it go so not to clutter your mind anymore. We need the clarity, peace of mind and space to create; not only the space in our schedule, but the space in our head. Space creates choice. It’s like keeping your hard drive clean.

Over time, you allow the pieces to gel together and naturally crystallize into something you didn’t see before. Suddenly, in that very moment – BANG! Evolution happens, and in that second, you see with your minds eye, all of these ideas and moving parts, all of these pieces that begin to form a vivid picture. You envision a resource; a product or service that people can deeply benefit from. Something that will change they way we do things for the better. Something so valuable, so powerful, so much bigger than you ever thought it literally takes your breath away.

Then you know which project, business venture or career choice becomes your priority. As you know, the greatest strength of entrepreneurs and business owners is also their weakness. That is, talented, driven entrepreneurs are never going to be short of a great idea. It’s choosing which idea to act on that separates the Googles from the rest of the world.

Whether I’m delivering a keynote or one to one sales coaching, executive coaching or business coaching, continually going through this exercise enables me to most effectively coach my clients to not only get through this very enjoyable and creative process in the most productive way but also to recognize when it’s happening. This way, they don’t miss out on the opportunity when it presents itself.

Photo credit: Brian Talbot