The 7 Types of Coaching Questions
The 7 Types of Coaching Questions

The Answer You Get Is Only As Good As The Question You Ask.

“I don’t know what questions to ask when I’m coaching,” is the most common challenge amongst sales leaders. Sure, managers tell me they’re coaching their team by asking questions. However, not every question is the right question, and poor questions will lead to coaching failure, and the erosion of trust.

 The 7 Types of Coaching Questions is your daily coaching playbook, providing you not only with WHAT questions to ask, but WHY you’re asking them so coaching becomes a normal part of your daily communication, regardless of the situation you’re in.  Instead of a random list of questions, this book will help you simplify the coaching process, using the seven types of questions so you can develop the habit of coaching.

 You’ll learn how to:

  •  Ask the right question in the right situation that leads to coaching success.
  • Accelerate coaching results, shorten coaching time.
  • Create breakthroughs in attitude and performance using one question.
  • Avoid self-serving, manipulative questions that erode trust and confidence.
  • Coach skill-set and mindset to ensure long term results.