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Sales managers work under intense conditions that are unique to their role.

Traditional time management strategies fail to help managers, well, everyone thrive. Most people struggle maintaining harmony in their lives while attempting to balance their responsibilities at work. For managers, it’s tough to focus on sales targets and their primary objective; coaching their team to peak performance.

Consequently, they are driven by reaction and their most pressing problems, instead of developing a well-crafted routine; believing it’s impossible to plan their ideal day when their time is consumed with competing and conflicting priorities.

This program delivers a self-paced road map to double your productivity, minimize distractions, take charge of your day, and build a team of champions. Master the inner-game of time management and enable others to improve their daily personal productivity.

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Keith recently presented to over 100 of our sales leaders and he was outstanding. He positions a clear, structured approach to coaching that is easy to understand and adopt. Practical examples combined with role play for reinforcement allowed us to get tremendous value out of an abbreviated version of his more conventional two-day program. I’ve received numerous messages from colleagues telling me how they’ve put Keith’s process into practice and achieved tangible results. The term “coaching” has been commoditized lately but Keith’s methodology is real coaching and delivers real results.

Jeremy Wiggett,(Senior Director, Enterprise Business Development at Salesforce)

It has been an immense professional and personal privilege to have had the opportunity to work so closely with a world-leading master in the art of Coaching. Keith is an exceptional trainer who inspires and enthuses his audience. His passion for the coaching is evident in the way he shows up and conducts himself. He went to great lengths to understand our business and our company culture and has inspired many of our Sales leaders to become masterful coaches. I would highly recommend him both as a person and as a professional for any organisation wishing to transform their Sales management team towards Sales management excellence.

Cillian O Grady (Head of Sales & Senior Sales Director, SproutSocial)

Two days with Keith has changed our entire management team’s philosophy on coaching and leading our sales force. I stepped outof Keith’s training a much better coach. I now feel confident and prepared to take on challenges that I have dealt with for years. Ifyou don’t hire him you are missing out.

Nick Forro, (Vice President Sales – NHL Seattle/Elevate Sports Ventures)

Keith is definitely part of the strategic milestones in my career. Keith trained me and my managers on coaching. And let’s face it, thanks to his training we discovered real coaching. Keith’s ability to use day to day examples and to generate highly relevant questions drove a very high adoption of coaching. I highly recommend Keith for his coaching methodology, expertise and experience. I’m grateful to have benefited from his services.

Yorick ASTIER (EMEA Sales Leader – Marketing & Social Cloud)

Keith spent two full days delivering his management coach training program for our Ticket Sales, Service, and Ticket Operations leadership team and the response has been amazing. Keith was engaging and truly inspirational. It did not take much for me to realize what a huge impact his program would have on me both personally and professionally, not to mention the immediate impact on our team leaders. Keith’s program delivered the structure, framework and game plan necessary to become better coaches and communicators. Keith clearly demonstrated how to effectively align each team member’s personal and professional goals with our departmental objectives in order to increase performance and achieve greater success. Keith’s ability to use specific examples and generate relevant conversations lead to a full team adoption of his coaching methods as well as the realization that all of us must become better coaches and mentors for greater long term success and career growth for our teams. I fully expect that the commitment we made in this course will yield an excellent return on our investment and will allow us to get the very best from our sales team for years to come. If you are serious about developing your team to achieve maximum output and creating a strong competitive edge, then every team leader or leadership team needs to take his course!

Kevin Dart, (Vice President, Service and Operations, NY Yankees)

This is the most practical coaching framework I’ve seen, especially for busy sales leaders. No filler, or abstract theory that you have to decipher to apply. You’ll find the questions and tools can be easily applied in everything you do, every day. An insightful and knowledgeable guide, full of everything you need to know on how to coach your team to excellence – and become the leader you want to be, while creating the ideal, balanced life you want.

Frédéric Chauvire (Vice President EMEA North General Business and Channel at SAP)