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“Keith Rosen’s Sales Leadership will take organizations to the next level of success that many sales leaders struggle to achieve!”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author and two-time Thinkers 50 World’s #1 Leadership Thinker

  • An insightful and knowledgeable guide, with everything you need to know on how to coach your team into top performers—starting today. Coaching has become a linchpin to the “new work order” and effective coaching with unconditional support—using one universal coaching methodology—will transform your organization into a united front of trusting, happy, empowered employees focused on a shared vision. If you’re serious about being the coaching conduit for your team’s success, read this book today and start making a massive impact tomorrow. With great clarity and detail, Sales Leadership helps leaders develop the skills needed to produce extraordinary results, starting with the way they engage and communicate with their teams, peers, company and customers.”

Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

  • “The true value of any leader is in their ability to communicate, engage and bring out the best in people so everyone is performing at their peak potential, while achieving their personal goals. That’s how powerful the language of coaching can be. Keith makes the coaching conversation easy and offers techniques that can create a breakthrough in performance and thinking in minutes, not hours! And for busy, caring managers, this removes the pressure and misconception that, “Coaching is difficult and takes too long.”

David Cohen, Vice President of North American Sales, Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

  • Sales is more complicated than ever, but Keith understands the key drivers to getting results better than anyone. Keith shows that you can exponentially grow sales by growing people using his coaching framework that sticks. This paradigm should be the cornerstone of any organization that seeks superior performance.”

Michael Coscetta, Head of Global Sales, Square

  • “This book will open your eyes, your mind, your time and your calendar, so you can get control of your day, create company-wide alignment, and focus on the most important activity for every sales leader – the ongoing support and development of your team through consistent coaching.”

Tony Owens, President at Salesforce             

  • Keith guides you on the path to become an exceptional leader who communicates, coaches and creates sales champions, as well as the future leaders of your organization. Read it. Practice it. Apply it. Then, keep it on your desk as your personal playbook to continually develop your most important leadership habit – effective coaching.”

Nathan Stone, Country Manager – Canada, New Business Sales, Google          

  • “A succinct and practical guide for getting the best from others and yourself that every people leader needs to refer to daily. If you want to become a transformational leader, this book paves the path for you.”

 David Jullo, Country Leader EMEA, Microsoft  

  • “Keith focuses on both the skill set and the mindset to create a simple, clear and intuitive path to become a transformational leader, and provides simple, yet highly effective questions that are sure to deliver value in every interaction. His intuitive, LEADS Coaching Framework needs to be the starting point in every conversation, and can easily become your entire organization’s rhythm of business so coaching becomes a natural, healthy and essential habit for every leader!”

Channing Ferrer, VP, Sales Strategy and Operations, HubSpot 

  • “Culture is not just important, it is everything. It is the code that binds every company together in the toughest of times; when our true character stands out. Sales Leadership is your fundamental guide to the journey of becoming a great leader that will lead to building a top performing team. This book is a compelling – comprehensive manual guide for building a high performance commercial team. I felt like Keith was reading my mind, as the content answers my most relevant leadership questions.”

Julio Cesar Silva, Head of Sales, AstraZeneca  

  • “There’s the typical communication that dominates most organizations, then there’s communicating like a compassionate, influential leader. Keith’s book teaches you to become not only a strategic, coach and thinker, but a strategic, intentional communicator who truly inspires positive change. Even after decades of my own experience as a senior executive, Sales Leadership has provided new insights in how to best support my team and organization to more effectively achieve our business objectives.”

Scott Bell, Regional Vice President, Volkswagen Group of America  

  • “Keith’s framework around the ‘Art of Enrollment’ particularly jumped out as a critical conversation to creating the alignment and buy-in needed around sales coaching, as well as the company vision, business objectives and agile change. By weaving in some proven leadership strategies through artful storytelling and practical examples, Sales Leadership is a book for the sales manager who truly wants to create a thriving sales culture and make a difference.”’

Robert A. David, Berkley, Director of Corporate Education, University of California, Berkeley 

  • Sales Leadership is not just for sales leaders. This is a visionary book for every leader and salesperson. Keith is spot on regarding how the next generation of top salespeople are going to coach their customers, and this book shows you how. It’s packed with concrete steps on what it takes to transform from a spreadsheet manager and into an authentic sales leader, how to effectively coach to each person’s individuality and motivations that align personal goals with our business objectives, and so much more. Truly a game changer.”

Al Guido, President at San Francisco 49ers and CEO of Elevate Sports Ventures

  • “This book is even more insightful, more specific with the “how to’s”, and even more enlightened. Keith’s global tours and vast amount of direct experience in this coaching arena have made him an expert and a bit of an oracle on the concepts.  One should not doubt him, one should pay attention and execute to what he offers.”

Mitch Little, V.P. WW Sales & Applications, Microchip Technology Inc., Author of Shiftability

  • “Keith’s personal experiences made the book relevant, and accurately reflected a global leadership point of view that is refreshingly effective.”

Thomas de Buhr, Managing Director, Twitter Germany

  • “As a sales leader, I have sought to help my teams in a simple direct and pragmatic way to guide them to their success. But coaching sales organizations that is simple conceptually is not always easy to implement, or at least until I met Keith Rosen. With this new book and the evolution of Keith’s approach to sales coaching, this complex but necessary skill is even simpler and easier to implement and use all day, every day, supporting your sales teams to be motivated and successful.”

Giuseppe Rossi, Vice President, Solution Sales EMEA, CA Technologies  

  • “Anyone who wants to help their team do the best work of their careers not only needs to read this book but should have it on the corner of their desk for daily reference. If you want to know how to exponentially transform your team, culture and results, follow Keith’s prescriptive coaching advice and templates without hesitation. I have, and it’s evident in the success of our company’s results and engagement scores. With this follow on to Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, the new playbook is complete, thorough, exact and off-the-chart insightful.”

David Turner, CEO, Contegix 

  • “Every leadership book does not apply to sales leadership. Salespeople are uniquely special, and the lifeline of every business. They need to be trained, coached, respected and supported in a way that aligns with their sales DNA and individuality. Keith has created a coaching code designed by and for salespeople that’s sure to optimize performance, loyalty, and retention. Clearly the best book on sales leadership I’ve seen in a decade.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power 

  • “This is the most practical coaching framework I’ve seen, especially for busy sales leaders. No filler, or abstract theory that you have to decipher to apply. You’ll find the questions and tools can be easily applied in every conversation, every day. An insightful and knowledgeable guide, full of everything you need to know on how to coach your team to excellence – and become the leader you want to be.”

Frédéric Chauvire, Vice President EMEA North General Business and Channel at SAP 

  • “Keith has beautifully captured what caring, busy managers can do to avoid impatience, frustration and instead, to make coaching actually easy and impactful, and their own jobs more fulfilling. Exceptional companies and leaders realize that to ignite engagement, innovation and growth, the ability to execute and over-perform requires the right coaching conversations and a supportive culture. Keith lays out in practical detail, not only how to implement a successful coaching initiative but also provides practical guidance to ensure you and your company are adequately prepared to do so.”

Simon Frewer, Global Director of Sales & Marketing Solutions (“Challenger” practice) and Talent Development Practices at CEB/Gartner  

  • “Implementing Keith’s Sales Leadership playbook will drive the success and scalability of your team to achieve superior results, while making every manager’s job easier. The templates and coaching talk tracks to handle the essential management conversations, especially the difficult ones, will help you develop happy, productive people who enjoy coming to work.”

Colleen Honan, Chief Sales Officer, Brainshark

  • “Keith Rosen has written a must-read guide for every sales leader regardless of industry or organization. In our fast-paced business, being able to productively coach anyone in 15 minutes, 5 minutes or using just one defining question, Sales Leadership accelerates greater results.”

Vincent Lombardo, Chief Sales Officer at Heartland Payment Systems 

  • “When everyone is effectively coaching and unconditionally supporting each other That’s when you know a healthy coaching culture has emerged. Sales Leadership is the best book ever written on how to do it well. This book is the ultimate reference guide to drive maximum performance and engagement.”

Conor Gleeson, VP Alliances and Channel, Oracle Direct, EMEA 

  • The days of, “I promoted my top rep to manager and they’re struggling” are over, when you make your salespeople great coaches. The way companies make purchasing decisions is continually evolving, which is why your salespeople and managers need to transform into influential, outstanding coaches. Keith shares a simple, yet effective strategies every leader needs to become a great coach, and his magic is in showing the how around what great coaching sounds like – with proven tactics and techniques to make you a better leader, whether you’re a salesperson, new manager or a seasoned veteran.”

Tony Rodoni, Executive Vice President, Salesforce    

  • “As a Vice President of Sales for both Oracle and Microsoft for over 20 years, I’ve had the fortune of leading the greatest sales teams in the technology industry. I’ve read all the sales leadership books you can think of and have sponsored all the sales and leadership trainings you can imagine. Many of these books and workshops were written or delivered by people who never lived in the trenches. Zero scars. Keith is different. He gets it. As VP of Sales at Microsoft, I hosted Keith multiple times to work with my sales leaders. He connected with them with his unique approach that inspired and motivated them into taking action. Results? He turned my sales leaders into great coaches that developed sales champions. Our C- level relationships and revenue results during this time speak for themselves. Number one team in the country multiple times. His new book, Sales Leadership, takes this critical role and coaching conversation to another level. I’m proud to say that Keith has been an Executive Sales Coach for me. I strongly recommend this book. His coaching and workshops changed the game for our teams at Microsoft. Lastly, his approach is not limited to sales Leaders. Keith’s approach is for anyone who has the honor, privilege and responsibility to help others grow and succeed.”

John Fikany, CEO The Fikany Group, previous VP of Sales for Microsoft and Oracle

  • “Being a great leader takes much more than leveraging a coaching framework and developing your coaching acumen. It’s the inner game of leadership, the mindset and way of being that expands your thinking to create that coaching magic and exceptional results you never thought possible. Before you change your behavior and the outcome, you need to change your mindset, and this book coaches you to do so flawlessly. Keith’s authentic, honest, candid and caring approach to coaching is exactly how to coach individuals rather than manage a team uncover powerful coaching moments that often go unnoticed.”

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce