Mentoring Vs. Coaching – What’s The Difference?

It’s been a constant debate over the difference between mentoring and coaching. I hope this clarifies things.

The biggest challenge is, most people collapse the two, since there are many commonalities. Mentoring involves finding the person you want to model yourself after, mostly in your career, and have them be your guide to help navigate your career to achieve where the mentor is.

Mentoring involves more advising and sharing wisdom, experiences, knowledge & best practices. Mentors provide the roadmap for the mentee to follow, often followed with coaching.

The biggest difference between the two is, every conversation begins with coaching. Coaching happens organically in every conversation. Coaching is the language of leadership and sales you speak every day, who you are and how you show up.

Most importantly, coaching empowers the coachee to do the work by first leading with a process of inquiry and conversational questions, BEFORE advising or offering solutions.

I hope this helps fine tune your leadership strategy to mentor and coach your people to become champions.

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