How to Coach Anyone in 60 Seconds or Less

“But coaching takes too long.” If that’s how you feel, then you’re not coaching because you don’t know what coaching is.

Instead, what if you can coach someone in 60 seconds or less and have them self-generate the ideas, strategies. and solutions on their own without you having to be the Chief Problem Solver who tells them what to do and does their job for them? Now, you’re not only building trust, but you are building their confidence as well, rather than robbing it every time you give them your solution. Bottom line:

IF YOU HAVE TIME TO GIVE AN ANSWER, THEN YOU HAVE TIME TO ASK A QUESTION AND COACH. In this podcast, you’ll learn the 60 SEcond Coaching Strategy that you can use in practically every conversation, that will empower people and build their confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, rather than erode them.