Do you focus your energy on what you VALUE and WANT to achieve, or what you feel you SHOULD do? If You’re Struggling to Achieve Your Goals, They’re Not Your Goals. Create Value-Based Goals, instead.

STOP Stressing and Struggling to Achieve Other People’s Goals and START Working On Your Own

Here’s the ONLY FORMULA for creating your IDEAL LIFE and designing the right goals to achieve it.

1. Create your personal vision.
2. Define your core values and priorities.
3. THEN, craft VALUE-based goals (specific, measurable and with a deadline) that are aligned with your values and priorities.

You’ll know it’s a VALUE based goal when it complements and enhances your life, you’re inspired and enjoy the process, and embrace the journey as the reward, while achieving what matters most to you.

OTHERWISE: If you find yourself experiencing, fear, resistance and a drain in productivity, time, your peace of mind and energy, then you’ve created a SHOULD-Based Goal, which is based on someone else’s agenda, values or priorities, or what YOU feel you SHOULD be doing.

Instead, align your vision and values with the goals that you WANT to achieve. Here’s how to create the best goals for you.