Sales Managers: Get Your Salespeople to Sell More: Listen to This Webinar Now!

Click here to listen to and view this webinar.

If you missed last week’s blockbuster webinar, The Sales Leadership Imperative, you can now access the recording immediately and listen to this 45 minute discussion I had with Jonathan Farrington. We focused on the most pressing questions that sales managers and sales leaders are faced with today.

Here are the questions we responded to:

1. The burning question today is, what can managers do to get their people motivated and performing at the level they need to be at consistently while still having time to focus on their other priorities?

2. Why do so many potentially good sales managers fail?

3. Managers struggle most when dealing with an underperformer and making the determination about whether to support them, do nothing or let them go. How long should you stick with a salesperson who has potential, but doesn’t produce?

4. If you had to identify just six key metrics that sales managers should use to benchmark their sales team’s performance, what would they be?

5. If coaching is the missing discipline amongst managers and sales leaders today, then why do so many coaching initiatives fail within organizations?

6. What do you think, are great sales leaders born or made? What are the characteristics of the very best?

7. What are some of the inherent challenges/barriers for management who are looking to make the shift and truly coach their sales team?

Most sales professionals, in practically every industry sector are struggling to meet sales quotas. The reality is, there are still plenty of opportunities to better retain existing clients and acquire new ones but the rules of engagement have changed.

Sales leaders, who have recognized these changes, are re-educating themselves and their sales teams by adopting a totally new approach to selling as well as leading their team and as such, are forming a new type of sales culture. To drive positive, measurable change and keep their competitive edge, managers must learn how to quickly and effectively coach, motivate and retain their top producers while turning around the underperformers.

So, if you’re a sales manager or even if you’re not a sales manager but need to get your team producing and selling more today, you can access this recording here.

Click here to listen to and view this webinar.