Sales managers work under intense conditions that are unique to their role.

Traditional time management strategies fail to help managers thrive. Most managers struggle maintaining harmony in their lives while attempting to balance sales targets with their primary objective; coaching their team to peak performance.

Consequently, they are driven by reaction and their most pressing problems, instead of developing a well-crafted routine; believing it’s impossible to plan their ideal day when their time is consumed with competing and conflicting priorities.

This program delivers a self-paced road map to double your productivity, minimize distractions, take charge of your day, and build a team of champions. Master the inner-game of time management and enable others to improve their daily personal productivity. Learn more about this program on our new company site at Coachquest here.



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Being the excellent coach that he is, Keith first helped us to refine what our real needs were: improving our manager’s relationship with time (e.g. creating healthy boundaries) to enhance their delegation skills.

Hitting ‘the’ mark for soft-skills course can pose a real challenge for us. Besides the lofty title/course objectives, we are a public accounting firm. It can be tough for external trainers to understand both the matrix reporting of our organization and our unique firm culture. Keith, however, had no problem.

The course evaluations and one-on-one feedback from employees revealed Keith’s training was a resounding success! His work was recognized as one the best trainings our company has offered. The audience asked us to bring him back and they also hope we can offer his wisdom to other members of our organization.

Amber Setter (Learning and People Development Manager)

Simply put.. Keith is OUTSTANDING at what he does. I have utilized Keith’s services related to time control, sales and most importantly goal setting. As a direct result of Keith guiding me through the process of setting life goals, my wife and I adopted two children! He also was invaluable in some contractual challenges I was facing a few years ago…. he was the constant voice of reason during the entire process. He was able to do this while at the same time having a great deal of compassion for the situation. I without hesitate recommend Keith to anyone who wants to go to the next level – either professionally, personally or Both.

He is simply the BEST!

Chuck Manganiello (Audit Efficiency Consultant)

Keith has been an influential part of my career and those I’ve worked with for several years. His energy during training and his drive and passion for coaching make all the difference. His principles and tactics for coaching sales teams to achieve greater success have produced results and enhanced relationships within our sales team. I highly recommend him for those who are ready to take it to another level with coaching!

Jamie Morningstar (Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service)

Keith is definitely part of the strategic milestones in my career. Keith trained me and my managers on coaching. And let’s face it, thanks to his training we discovered real coaching. Keith’s ability to use day to day examples and to generate highly relevant questions drove a very high adoption of coaching. I highly recommend Keith for his coaching methodology, expertise and experience. I’m grateful to have benefited from his services.

Yorick ASTIER (EMEA Sales Leader – Marketing & Social Cloud)