The future of selling is not replacing salespeople with automation, but transforming salespeople into sales coaches.

Create a common language and methodology between salespeople and management to embed and sustain a sales coaching culture within your organization; even when engaging with clients.

Leverage the five steps that make your cold calls, sales process and presentations objection-proof. Develop the unconditional confidence of a true champion. Eliminate the costly assumptions that are sabotaging your business development and selling efforts, while uncovering the actual root cause for pipeline and forecast inaccuracy.

Align your selling approach with the prospect’s preferred buying process.

This program is applicable for any salesperson, independent contributor, account manager, partner account manager and partner sales executive. Learn more about this program on our new company site at Coachquest here.



By only partnering with our ideal clients, we’re able to help you achieve unprecedented results.

Keith is an incredible sales coach! I love his energy and the way he motivates sales managers to look differently at their roles. Having our sales leaders work through relevant, real life scenarios using Keith’s coaching framework and methodology clearly demonstrated the positive impact of coaching and helped them put these best practices into action immediately. Experiencing the value of coaching firsthand has certainly inspired our leaders to want to coach!

Dionna Widder (VP of Ticket Sales & Service)

I highly recommend Keith!! He has been an inspiration to my entire team and I have seen tangible change in performance and engagement via his coaching leadership philosophy.

Bert Turner (Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing)

Keith is an expert facilitator and executive coach who has deep expertise in understanding and motivating sales leaders. Keith’s real strengths as a speaker are that he is both engaging and motivating and he is able to effectively leverage great personal anecdotes to make learning points memorable and his seminars fun! A real pleasure to work with and a great entrepreneur.

Simon Frewer (Practice Leader of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Consultancy at CEB responsible for Challenger Implementations)

Thanks a lot for another fantastic program, I know you got this feed-back before, but your training it is the best “sales” training I’ve ever done, and be sure that if I have another opportunity, I will do it again. It’s never too much to revisit all the concepts you show.

Luiz Vianna (Strategic Accounts Director)