If you want to make your people more successful, first make your managers elite coaches – the missing skill of today’s top sales leaders.

Join Keith Rosen, the world’s leading authority on sales and leadership coaching and author of the #1 bestselling sales management book on for the last 5 years.

Discover how you can become an elite leader that boosts sales and productivity, improves performance, turns around underperformers fast, aligns coaching with your sales process, masters the critical management conversations and builds impenetrable trust – while actually reducing your workload.

Learn how to become a transformational leader and coach so that you can create and sustain a high performance sales coaching culture. We help you develop your new competitive edge- your people. Learn more about this program on our new company site at Coachquest here.



By only partnering with our ideal clients, we’re able to help you achieve unprecedented results.

Having experience working with several vendors, and looking closely at many other coaching programs available in the marketplace, Keith’s experience, expertise, and approach won us over. Perhaps the clearest difference is that Keith’s approach makes a difference – it’s not simply theory and concepts – it’s practical with real-world situations. His proven coaching framework is universally accepted, and as such, embraced by and complementary to every region, culture and business unit, regardless of where you are located throughout the world. There’s always something to learn from Keith and working with him is always an inspiration, so if you have the opportunity to do so, jump!”

Mark Selleck (Senior Director, Worldwide Sales and Marketing)

Keith is an inspiring person and an amazing coach. Not only has Keith helped me improve as a leader and a coach but he has also made me want to seek out opportunities to have that same positive impact on others. I’d strongly recommend you find a way to work with Keith if you are serious about improving your skills and those of your people!

Matt Benelli (Vice President – Sales)

We hired Keith to deliver both his initial and follow up sales coaching workshops. The participating leaders have really embraced his approach and are reporting positive results. While the book and workshops refer to salespeople, I recommend the content for anyone (any industry) interested in highly effective coaching.

Milica Vincent (Learning & Performance Manager)

Keith’s program delivered the structure, framework and game plan necessary to become better coaches and communicators. If you are serious about developing your team to achieve maximum output and creating a strong competitive edge, then every team leader or leadership team needs to take his course!

Kevin Dart (Vice President, Ticket Sales, Service and Operations)

In my nine plus years in the Sports Industry, this was one of the most eye opening experiences that I have been through. What the program gave us, was the knowledge, structure, and game plan necessary to become better communicators with our staff and align our sales people’s personal and professional goals with the company’s objectives, to increase performance. Professionally, I am happier and with less stress than ever before. I can’t thank Keith enough for the impact he has made.

Jeff Ianello (Vice President, Team Marketing & Business Operations)

Keith Rosen and Profit Builders is the real thing. There are so many companies today delivering the same messaging with a twist on words; resulting in no value, high cost, and low results. Further, so many firms have a novel idea or concept but no ability to help execute their training.

The work Keith Rosen and Profit Builders has done is revolutionary in sales and leadership and has a clear, actionable framework anyone can implement to drive results.

Last- the company learns who you are and builds a program around your culture. Most others learn a few key buzzwords used within your firm and quote a mission or vision statement. Profit Builders LEARNS about who they are training and ensures the philosophies and methodology is applicable in the correct context.

I can write for an hour after experiencing first hand their training of our Leaders and would gladly share more. After 20 years in the field of sales, management of salespeople and leadership development- I am confident in my assessment and endorsement.

Chris Klein (Coaching & Leadership Development)