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Master Your Time, Achieve Bigger Goals Faster, Excel at Your Career, Take Charge of Your Day and Create Your Ideal Life. That’s what we do for every client; and for you. It’s that simple. If you have a desire to create more in your life, career, or business, imagine what would be possible if you could work one on one, with Keith Rosen, the pioneer of executive coaching and author of the #1 bestselling coaching book? Whether you have Keith as your coach in your corner 24/7, or one of our master executive coaches,

contact us to discuss how you can achieve the same unprecedented results and revenue boost our clients have experienced for over 30 years in over 70 countries and 5 continents.

With Keith and our team of experienced leaders and trained, certified coaches, you’ll achieve measurable results faster while creating a balanced life. We will coach you to attain your goals and work through challenges in half the time it takes to do on your own.


Whether you’re a CEO, sales leader, people manager, service provider, career professional, salesperson or business owner, we provide the accountability, support, expert advice and coaching so you can honor your priorities, design your ideal life, and create a healthy, confident, fearless, winning attitude, while eliminating stressful distractions, self-sabotaging behavior and thinking, and toxicity from your life.

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I can’t say enough about the impact Keith has made in my professional growth as a sales leader and now Vice President of Sales & Marketing. As I transitioned from a salesperson into sales management, I struggled with connecting with my team. Keith’s thoughtful and diligent approach during our bi-weekly executive sales coaching sessions over the phone led to an effective transition, my accelerated development and worthwhile results. I have now built a coaching culture of trust amongst my team, which has been influenced by Keith’s approach around coaching, training and leveraging his experience. Not only do I have a deeper, more trusting relationship with the members of my global sales team, but I have seen his influence extend beyond my professional career and into my personal life as well.

When it comes to measurable results, we’ve continually experienced an increase in our yearly sales numbers, improved our people’s performance, created an effective partner channel, upgraded our hiring and interviewing process, refined our sales and marketing strategy, and developed a highly productive sales team outside of the US.

Moreover, I’ve noticed a measurable improvement in my executive presence and facilitation skills during meetings, and the ability to work through timely challenges quickly without getting bogged down or losing focus on our business objectives and priorities.

Keith has been a dedicated, valuable, responsive coach and authentic role model for me since we started working together. It’s evident that, regardless of your role as a senior executive or salesperson, everyone could benefit from working with a top coach to flatten your learning curve and achieve results faster, instead of trying to figure it out on your own

I would not be where I am today without working with Keith over the past 5 years. The fact is, if you want to develop a world-class sales team, working with an elite coach will help you get there, while avoiding many costly, time consuming lessons. I cannot thank him enough.

Carl Baumann (Vice President of Sales & Marketing)

I initially hired Keith because I wanted to improve my business development skills. A couple of months into our coaching relationship, I had a huge career opportunity that was much more leadership focused than business development. Keith and I seamlessly switched the focus of the coaching, and he worked with me through the transition into a new role. Keith is widely known for his sales and leadership expertise, and I found tremendous value in working with him in the area of executive leadership.

Mary Beth Kush (Managing Director)

I have worked with Keith for several years now for my own personal coaching. Keith is an outstanding coach and is highly effective no matter your industry or your position. The accountability to my own goals and intentions created by working with a great coach has been critical to my leadership development. In addition, all the partners in our firm participated in three days of coaching training with Keith this past year. I expect this catalyst and the ongoing support from Profit Builders will be transformative for our firm, further distancing us from our competitors in how we develop our people. For training or one-on-one coaching, I would emphatically recommend Keith.

Brian Kreischer (Partner)

Everyone needs a coach! I had heard that expression before but never truly understood what it meant until I had the opportunity to work with Keith. He helped me quickly solve and fix the biggest problems I was facing within my organization. Regardless of whether your business is successful or struggling, Keith and his firm have what it takes to help you make a positive change. Learn how to effectively enroll your staff in the business’s objectives while having better communication, more accountability, clear processes, and improved selling, all while improving company morale and culture. I can’t thank Keith enough for what I’ve learned and accomplished in the past year, and I highly recommend him and his firm.

Ben Smith (CEO)

Keith Rosen was instrumental in “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions” in my organization of hundreds telemarketing and telesales people across Europe, Middle East & Africa. He delivered his training course to all managers in the organization (~100) and offered periodic one-to-one coaching to its top leaders thereafter, including myself. Through his actions, the coaching culture significantly penetrated the organization, resulting in better managers-as-coaches and ultimately in improved salespeople empowerment and productivity. Keith Rosen’s insights into salespeople motivators & behaviors, as well as his training skills were key & necessary in initiating this culture change successfully.

Stéphane Rousset (Senior Vice-President Strategy, International Business)