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A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Create a Coaching Culture Within Your Organization

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Imagine having the power to IMPACT your organization and your team the way you really want to by creating an environment of trust, authentic collaboration, and self accountability where people came to work with a positive attitude and were driven to achieve their fullest potential and attain their goals and quota; without being pushed by fear?

What would be possible if you were able to develop a company culture where everyone was jointly focused and excited about working towards a shared, collaborative vision that everyone felt part of because it aligns each individual’s personal goals with your business objectives?

Sounds impossible? This is what happens when leaders, executives and managers focus on developing an authentic coaching culture. The good news is, YOU have the power to  create the culture you want within your organization. The question is: how do you effectively Create a Coaching Culture that sticks and generates a measurable ROI?

Keith Rosen has helped thousands of companies around the globe transform their culture and here’s your opportunity to begin this journey in a safe, effective and sustainable way. Download the step-by-step guide by Keith Rosen entitled, 8 Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture to learn the specific steps you can take to start this process today.

In this guide, Keith will share:

  • The 8 Strategic Steps to prepare your people for change in order to develop a culture of champions
  • A framework to align your people’s personal  goals with your business objectives
  • How to get buy in from your boss around coaching
  • The 4-ways to embed and sustain a coaching culture
  • Why it’s important to differentiate between situational and scheduled coaching
  • The common traps to avoid that will sabotage your efforts and lead to coaching failure

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